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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Fatima's Gradual Descent into Darkness – the Altar of the World has become a blasphemous mockery

May 13, 2017 marked the 100th Anniversary of the miraculous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to three shepherd children of Fatima, Portugal.

On that day, Pope Francis canonised two of the little seers, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, which makes them the youngest non-martyred saints of the Catholic Church.

However, what was supposed to be a joyous celebratory canonisation Mass was filled with sombre omens. (Image: AP Photo/Armando Franca)

The official canonisation pictures of the two children are dark, disturbingly so, and they are holding lamps, a reference to the parable of the wise virgins waiting for the Master to come, who will also “search Jerusalem with lamps” during a time of disbelief. (Sophonias 1:12) It is a passage of the coming Judgement. Is this a sign to be vigilant, a sign of Dark Days ahead when the Master visits the earth unexpected with His Justice? (Right image: more official images unveiled May 8 by the Sanctuary during a news conference for the canonisation 2017, which are even darker than the ones on the basilica.)

The statue of Our Lady above the altar on the Holy Rosary Basilica never gets blackened like the other statues, (since mould is a big problem in Portugal), but at the Mass, it was clear for all to see the top and outer edge of her right hand has turned black, (notice the close up),  while the rest of the statue was perfectly white. All my years in Fatima, I've never seen the statue like this, it always stays white especially as it was cleaned not too long ago for the Anniversary. As she has said to other visionaries and mystics of the Church, she is getting tired of holding up the arm of her Son from visiting the earth with His Justice. (Close up below, thank you to Tigga Wild on Twitter for use of the photo.)

The most shocking element is the new outdoor altar specially built for the occasion of the Anniversary: a huge black /brownish stone block surrounded by six black stone candle holders and black seat for the main celebrants. The candles are set so low it appears as though black candles were burnt for the Mass.  The strange thing: the original plans showed a white altar, white podium and white seats, but this was changed, a 3D model had it in gold, but this switch to a 'Black Cube' altar is startling.  It was as if they were hiding what they planned to do regarding the altar itself and unleashed it on an unsuspecting public at the last minute. we cannot help but see a strange connection with the Illuminati 'Black Cube of Saturn' cultYes, occultists believe in such a thing. (Read more about it here.)

Pope Francis himself also wore a very dark pallium with black crosses, and this for the joyous occasion of the Fatima Anniversary and the canonisation of two children? The whole ceremony was so dark and sombre, compared with the outdoor canonisations that take place in Rome! (Image below: Paulo Novais/Pool Photo via AP)

The 'crucifix' above the altar has an ugly 'floating' modern figure of Christ completely detached from the cross as though He were 'resurrecting' or ascending already. Christ is not crucified on the cross, they have depicted Our Lord levitated in mid air away from the cross,  and as Bishop Fulton J. Sheen so ominously predicted, one of the signs of the last times will be the rise of a 'church without a cross', a false church emptied of all Divine content, Christ's sufferings will be eliminated. (Image below, notice again the black altar and the black candles down the sides. AP Photo/Armando Franca)

Interesting how all the votive Masses at the Chapel of the Apparitions in Fatima contain the 'Woman Clothed with the Sun' reading from the Apocalypse, and so did the Anniversary Mass. Right now, this exact sign is occurring in the sky, which foretells a time of punishment is coming. (Read more about that here in "The Lord Says: Look tot he Sky for the Signs of the Times".)

In all, it looked like a 'Black Mass' was being offered, or at the very least, a 'Death Mass' for the Church as we once knew it.

Other ominous signs in Fatima:

The Trinity 'Church' ~ the 'Bull Ring' as one local disgruntled vandal described it on a poster here in the parish church. You don't need me to tell you this building looks nothing like a Catholic church. It's one huge spiritless community hall without a Tabernacle, complete with blasphemous depictions of a fleshy Christ on the cross inside, and I think a statue of Our Lady, no one seems to know what it is. Outside, there is a huge, featureless 'matchstick Christ', while the traditional Penitential Pathway that pilgrims make on their knees was also cut exactly in half when this 'church' was built, it is half the length it once was.   Remember, Bishop Sheen warned of church without a suffering Cross or penance, a sign of the last days. (Picture of the 'Fleshy' Christ and the 'Match Stick' Christ.)

The Fatima Sanctuary took about 47 million Euros of a grant from the European Commission to build the Trinity Church, so they were 'indebted' to the Socialist Regime: it is no surprise the Trinity Church turned out the way it did. There were plans to include ecumenical chapels in the new building so "All Faiths" could worship there, but that was scrapped.

I bet most people don't know that the Sanctuary Committee had planned to knock down the original Holy Rosary Basilica after the Trinity Church monstrosity was built, but the people complained and that was dropped. They also had planned to move the children's bodies to a modern chapel underground at the Trinity Church, but the people also protested and this too was dropped for now.

The underground chapels connected with the Trinity Church are a scandal, completely devoid of edifying decorations save a tiny modern crucifix, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima (the only pretty holy object there), and a box in the corner for a Tabernacle. The walls are dead plain, these chapels are more clinical than a hospital ward, and let's not get into the horrible monstrance used in the Perpetual Adoration chapel ~ a steel square suspended from the ceiling, while the giant jewelled monstrance donated by the Irish is stuck in a museum along with all the other beautiful chalices and ornaments for the altar donated from around the world. They've all become museum pieces while the most plain insipid chalices I wouldn't stick on my kitchen table are used for all the Masses. (Images: the steel square monstrance in the modern Adoration Chapel.  All the underground chapels look like this, white and clinical.)


 And here is the paganish plain silver modern monstrance that was used at the Blessing of the Sick and Benediction during the Canonisation Mass May 13, 2017 compared with the giant solid gold and jewelled Irish Monstrance now in a museum, (image below):

It seems they cannot find enough ways to introduce as much ugly modern art into the Sanctuary as they can, the perpetual Nativity scene is horrific, and so is the one they trot out for Christmas at the Trinity Church. (Image Right: Trinity Church nativity scene. Image below, perpetual Nativity scene in the outdoor Sanctuary).

UPDATE: This is the most recent 'Nativity Scene' in the Holy Rosary basilica (December 2017): giant stick figures carved from tree trunks that look like something out of a primative pagan cult.   On top of that, the basilica was practically left undecorated!  You would never know it was Christmas in there.  Before, they used to do 'something', hang a few curtains over the doors and a large 'photograph nativity' with the baby Jesus that looked slightly more traditional, but this year was a right flop. 

Another shocker, after the Holy Rosary Basilica was restored for the Anniversary, the beautiful mosaic Stations of the Cross were removed from inside, and they have not been returned. We have no idea where they are, or if they will be put back. The marble altar rails were also taken out last year and a red string was put in its place, not even a decent looking 'theatre rope' was used. The modern altar featuring the Last Supper was taken out, now there is nothing but another stone block. At least it's not black, but dark brown, close enough.  UPDATE: Thanks to Catholic Sat on Twitter who reminded me that two original altars of the fifteen dedicated to the Holy Rosary have been removed, also, in order to put new name plaques near the seers' burial places, they have covered over the CHI-RHO of Constantine on the old altars, those extra name plaques were not necessary as the graves already had clear markings right on them.  So yes, another set of traditional crosses removed!   (Images, the Holy Rosary Basilica before and after the restoration process.  The stations of the Cross are now missing. UPDATE. Dec. 2017: they're still missing, see the new nativity scene above.)


Here is a comparison of the Former versus the New altar inside the Holy Rosary Basillica. Does this look like an 'improvement'?

UPDATE: the most worrying thing I've seen about this brown altar in the Holy Rosary Basilica: Currently there are only three candlesticks shaped out in a triangle pattern around the altar (see the picture above): which looks almost exactly like the arrangement around a Masonic Altar.   Three candles are Masonic symbolic imagery.  Compare with the  pictures of a Masonic Lodges below:



 What are the bishops thinking?!  When the Holy Rosary Basilica in Fatima begins to look more like a Masonic Lodge than  a Catholic church, you know the chastisements are coming soon. 

Elsewhere, the red Sanctuary lamps have been taken away, the red candle outside the Chapel of Apparitions has been gone for several years now. There is one inside where the Tabernacle is closed away, but nobody sees it, so there is no public indication the Blessed Sacrament is present at the Apparition Chapel. In the Holy Rosary Basilica, little white tea light candles are now next to the Tabernacle, but that is not a clear indicator to visitors that the Blessed Sacrament is present.   People wander past and don't genuflect.  Lack of proper Sanctuary lamps leaves the Sanctuary open to more blasphemous disrespect, which was bad enough to begin with. (See the Before and After pictures.)

People are no longer respectful in the Sanctuary grounds like they used to be way back in 1997 when I first visited Fatima. People were quiet once they entered the Sanctuary let alone one of the churches, but that is long gone. As I type this, I have been living here for fourteen years now, and things have steadily become much worse. Talking, yakking, shouting, walking about, even when Mass is going on the the Chapel of Apparitions. People answer a call on their mobile phones during Mass and run out! Others sit and send texts waiting for Mass. Prayer? What is that? I remember seeing a young woman reading the 'Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown during the Blessed Sacrament Procession. Yes. I did.

Apparently, ignorance of the faithful has now also deprived us of the Blessing of the Candles before the nightly Rosary procession.  As the candles are lit, the priest used to bless them before the procession began, but we discovered people were throwing their candles into the garbage when the procession was over!  I don't know how many blessed candles we fished out of trash cans after the night processions.  Now, the last few times we've been to the processions, no blessings were done on the candles. Perhaps that has been removed, or the priests forget, BUT if it was stopped to prevent a sacramental being thrown out, a blessing has been deprived because of indifference to holy objects.

(UPDATE August 15 2018- the priest blessed the candles for the evening Rosary procession, so, it can be hit and miss.  Hopefully enough people compalined and they've started doing it again, but the Shrine shouldn't be managed on a 'hit or miss' basis!)

Still ongoing, in the Holy Rosary Basilica and the Trinity Church, the ignornace on how to act in a church and the complete lack of respect is appalling.

All the code of conduct signs around the Sanctuary are ignored. People dress half naked as though they were at the beach, or wear see-through or skin tight clothes, and no one corrects them or keeps them from entering like they do in Rome.

Rarely any genuflections before the Blessed Sacrament when people enter the church, they troop right on through. No calm or order when receiving Communion, people pile out of pews on top of each other like a cattle drive, which is a complete nightmare in the huge open air Masses, you have to elbow your way for Communion, and then pray you don't get skipped by the priests or that a Host is dropped. (And yes, hosts have been dropped.  No act of reparation done.)

Then, priests might skip you if you were kneeling for Communion in the Apparition Chapel, espeically if you're a lady with your head covered in the traditional lace mantilla.  I've been denied Communion on several occasions, it still happens, which discourages anyone from kneeling for Communion or keeping your head covered.  Once, I even had to flag down the priest and keep him from passing me! This is how they treat Catholics, but have no problems letting Hindus come in that one infamous time May 2004 and dance around right in the Sanctuary of the Apparition Chapel, to 'honour' Our Lady as a manifestation of one of their goddesses. (Read more about that here. Note, I don't know who runs this site, I'm only sharing the news about the Hindu sacrilege / blasphemy.)

Visitors may not be able to see all the changes that have been done gradually bit by bit, but living here and watching as it happened these last fourteen years, it's one heartbreak after another.

The Austrian mystic Maria Simma, who allegedly had visitations from the souls of Purgatory, said they revealed to her that Heaven does not approve of modern images in churches for they are a mockery of what they're supposed to represent.

What an ominous warning. It appears Fatima, the Altar of the World, has become one giant blasphemous mockery, and as we all know, God will not be mocked.  Truly the lack of CATHOLIC celebration displayed for the canonisation and Anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions in Fatima is a frightening revelation of the sign of our times.

UPDATE: For those who think these observations about Fatima are over the top, that I'm making a 'big deal about nothing', I'm including below only PART of a vision Blessed Catherine Emmerich received about Our Lord's terrible Agony in the Garden showing one manner of torment He received from the devil:

“Among the throng of apparitions typical of the outrages offered to Divine Mercy, I saw Satan under various abominable forms, each bearing reference to the guilt then exhibited. (From sin committed.) … At first I saw the serpent but seldom, but towards the last I beheld it in gigantic form, a crown upon its head. With terrible might and leading after it immense legions of humans prepared to attack Jesus. …

Upon this I received an instruction that these multitudes that were thus tearing Jesus to pieces represented the countless number of those that in divers ways ill-treat Him who, in His Divinity and Humanity, Body and Soul, Flesh and Blood under the forms of bread and wine in the Most Blessed Sacrament, dwells ever present in that Mystery as their Redeemer.

Among these enemies of Jesus, I recognized offences of all kinds committed against the Blessed Sacrament, that living Pledge of His uninterrupted presence with the Catholic Church. I saw with horror all the outrages springing from neglect, irreverence, and omission, as also those of abuse and the most awful sacrilege.

… I notice in particular many badly instructed, badly reared, and irreverent acolytes, (altar servers) who do not honour Christ in the Holy Mass. Their guilt falls partly upon their teachers and the careless sacristans.

But with terror I saw that many of the priests themselves, both of high and low degree – yes, even some that esteem themselves full of faith and piety – contribute their share toward outraging Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 

Of the many whom, to my great sorrow, I thus saw, I shall say a word of warning to one class in particular, and it is this:

I saw numbers that believe, adore, and teach the Presence of the Living God in the Most Blessed Sacrament, yet who do not sufficiently take it to heart. They forget, they neglect, the palace, the throne, the canopy, the seat, the royal adornments of the King of Heaven and Earth, that is, the church, the altar, the tabernacle, with all its vessels, the furniture, the decorations, the festal robes, and all that is used in His worship, or the adornment of His house. All things were ignominiously covered with dust and rust, mouldering away, and through long years of neglect, falling to ruin. The service of the living God was shamefully neglected, and where it was not inwardly profaned, it was outwardly dishonoured. Nor did all this arise from real poverty, but indifference and sloth ... from preoccupation of mind with vain, worldly affairs, and often too from self-seeking and spiritual death. I saw neglect of this kind in rich churches and in other tolerably well off. Yes, I saw many in which a worldly love of splendour and tinselled finery had replaced the magnificent and appropriate adornments of a more devout age. What the rich in ostentatious arrogance do, the poor foolishly aim at in their poverty and simplicity. This recalls to me our poor convent chapel in which the beautiful old stone altar had been covered with wood veined to imitate marble, a fact that always gave me sorrow. (I.e. a real stone altar had been covered with a cheap 'tinselled finery' of fake marble veneer. )

These visions of the outrages offered to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament I saw multiplied by innumerable church wardens who were totally deficient in their sense of equity, who failed to share at least what they had with their Redeemer present upon the altar, although He had delivered Himself to death for them, although He remains

(Extracts from The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations from the Vision of Venerable Ann Catherine Emmerich, Vol 4, Tan Publishers, 1986, pp. 96-99)

Blessed Emmerich does say God does not need riches, but considering she has warned priests in particular to take care to give the best at the Altar, it shows Christ, who died for us and continues to remains on earth for us inthe Blessed Sacrament, demands respect and deserves the very best ~ "magnificent and appropriate adornments of a more devout age" ~ not showy tinsel, the mocking modernity of the world that is an outrage.


UPDATE NUMBER TWO:   It seems that in Fatima they know when to bring out the 'good stuff' when it suits them, so it is not alway completely downhill here -- last week at the public Benediction at 5:30 PM in the Chapel of Apparitions (Sept. 24, 2017) they used a gorgeous gold and silver adoration monstrance in the statue-shape of Our Lady of Grace, the Sacred Host placed directly where her heart is, then, the Host was reverently taken out and placed in a proper 'Blessing' monstrance when the time of the public blessing was to occur.  If they have items like this for the service of the altar in such a special place like Fatima, why don't they use them instead of the blasphemous trash we see all the time? Of course, a visiting bishop was present, so this beautiful monstrance may have been a concession for him.  Still, it was good to see this, there's hope yet. 


UPDATE NUMBER THREE: (November 10, 2017) Then, we have bright moments, like when a Latin Mass Society visits, or a pilgrim group from a society that upholds Roman Catholic orthodoxy arrives, and somehow receive permisson to decorate the modern altars into something befitting the Sacrifice of the Mass, like this, which just happened recently:



YES! What a difference! I love it when this happens! Too bad they couldn't do something about the ugly crucifix, but the properly decorated altar is a breath of fresh air.  This particular group also did the same with one of the altars in the little ugly bare white underground 'nothing' chapels and it made such a big difference. You can see it on the site at: http://blog.messainlatino.it/2017/11/pellegrinaggio-dellicrss-per-il_23.html

Too bad this doesn't happen more often.



  1. This article is ridiculous

    1. To a newchurch of Bergolio devotee like yourself, I imagine it is, yes.

    2. Ann5791,
      You may not believe the statue hand means anything but the true tragedy is in all that follows. You cannot say art or architecture doesn't mean anything. It does. Intentional meaning. So if it's unimportant to you, go and worship surrounded by blank walls. It is not what God called for in the Old Testament. It is not the Church's way.

    3. I've added an update to this 'ridiculous article' near the end. Enjoy!

    4. Kai! Thanks for drawing our attention to these issues. It is terrifying, but I am consoled by our Lady's words that her immaculate heart will triumph. But that does not mean we should be complacent.

    5. Vatican #2 has the voice of Jesus speaking to us all; Our Holy Father Francis #1 will lead us to the glory of Heaven. Statues, rosaries, holy pictures and devotions of the Catholic Church in Rome will us today and forever. Ask a chaplain in the field about his Holy Mass requirements and add if you wish to that!!

    6. The vernacular mass being said around the world for over one billion Catholics represent the culture and need of those attending the Holy Catholic Mass. From these expressions of love for the Eucharist, Catholics around the world may spiritually grow in their faith and love and service of Jesus.

  2. Thank you for informing us of these modern changes which clearly contribute to the disrepect in non-traditional 'Catholic' churches today.

    1. Thank you for showing up the phony traditionalist mass!! Please God protect us from this false catholic church

  3. Ridiculous article? The pictures say it all. I have never seen crosses so ugly. I was appalled when I saw it first on the Mass on TV. People who actually believe in God, have an actual prayer life, and in other words are devoutly Catholic would never approve or make something so ridiculously ugly or void of Catholicism. The looks on those children's faces show they were terrified at the messages or the secrets. God help us all for what the chastisement upcoming will be.

  4. Those bent crucifix, resurexifix and bent monstrance are satanic as is the freemasonic triangle. Run far away, run away to a quiet place and pray the rosary that this garbage ends soon.

  5. Thank you for informing us of these horrible things that are happening. I am shocked and it is very scary. Like you said, GOD will not be mocked!

  6. Remember, this is the Novus Ordo sect...they do not believe, they do not adore, they do not trust, and they do not love....Oh, God, I beg pardon..

  7. Any mordernisation kills the traditional faith - too sad.

  8. Why is the font grey on navy? Its not legible.

  9. Thanks for the article. Perhaps we could "explain away" some or most of each of the points if taken in isolation... but when you put them all, or most of them, together I think it definitely makes the point of the article.

  10. I lived in Fatima Dec-Feb and I noticed the same things. In fact, I did not like the shrine at all and found it disturbing. It felt like there are 2 Fatimas--the modern one and the Fatima going up to the village by the Cabeco.
    Portugal is Socialist and it is reflected in the artwork of the shrine.

  11. This is enough to make you cry. Weep and weep and weep. If if I went to Adoration there, I might end up just weeping and crying.

  12. Yes, so very bad, when all is taken together. Re: Altar: In Mecca,they 'worship' a black Cube. St Bridget's Monstrance is so beautiful. Irish Saint's head is in Lumier Church, Nth of Lisbon. Lets now pray for Bl. Alexandrina de Costa, to be a Saint. Also for Pope Piux XII, who was made Bishop in Vatican on 13th Mat 1917.

    1. Pius XII destroyed the oldest traditions of the Roman Rite from 1951-1958.

  13. Thank you for the excellent work. I could not help but think of the United Nations Meditation Room (courtesy the Lucis (LUCIFER) Trust) which also features a black stone altar.

  14. Thank you everyone for your comments, observations and links!

    Remember to check out the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny also called Marie-Julie of the Crucifix and the 'Breton Stigmatist', (approved mystic 1875): she foretold all of this and how we are to prepare from the tribulations that shall fall upon us:


  15. This issue was foretold by the Blessed Mother years ago.
    I am horrified but not surprised.The Church will fall but not come conquered.
    JESUS Christ tells us that.

  16. Thank you for this article. It is timely and very disturbing. I have recently stopped attending Novus Ordo masses because I can no longer stand the blatant irreverence and profound disrespect for the Eucharist, the disgusting artwork, the ear-splitting modernist music, and the hideous, watered-down liturgy. I now only attend Latin Mass. The Church is in a grave crisis and so many are so ignorant. God have mercy on us all......

    Prophecies given to visionary Maria Divine Mercy have already come true - resignation of Pope Benedict, earthquake in Spain in 2011, eruption of volcano in Europe, natural catastrophies, and most importantly - the change of Jesus Christ teaching done subtly but consequently by Pope Francis, who is freemasonry member, who aims at desctruction of the Church.

    What they teach is admitting the sin - just to mention the Amoris Letitia, where the acceptance of adultery is smuggled in the annotation - so that nobody notices, but so that parish priests could give Holy communion to people who are remarried and sexually active. 4 cardinals have opposed this new idea, which is so clearly contradictory to Church teachings. This is what Jesus Christ was warning us in the Maria Divine Mercy Messages - the freemasonry wants the people to accept the sin and believe in the false mercy – that all sins will be forgiven, without repenting.

    Everyone who seeks the truth should read Maria Divine Mercy Messages on his own and make his own opinion. If you read just 50 first Messages and compare it with facts, you will know what is really going on in the world.
    All prophecies online:

    1. Except, of course, that the messages of "Maria Divine Mercy" have been condemned by the Church. They are false, and Catholics are to have nothing to do with them.

    2. I reccomend everyone read Marie-Julie Jahenny's messages instead: approved by her local bishop in 1875, everything that is happening now was predicated by her, and there is a lot more to come:


    3. I agree with "Anonymous" message of Fri., May 19: "Everyone who seeks the truth should read Maria Divine Mercy messages on his own and make his own opinion. I had been following the messages every day for a year or two, and I am sure they are the truth.

    4. No, "Maria Divine Mercy" has been CONDEMNED by many bishops, the Archbishop of Dublin has said the 'messages' are not from God, and utterly false.

      Also, all points to a MONEYMAKING SCAM: the visonary is Mary Carberry who owns a marketing and PR firm! These messages are a fraud!


    5. Pt 1 With all due respect - the messages of MDM warn mainly of evils within the Church that had already taken place!. She warns of future alterations of Bible Texts?That abomination has been occuring regularly for nearly 80 years! She warned of Masonic Involvement - that TOO is familiar already. She spoke of a "New Mass" yet to occur that Our Lord warns us about. Thus "Christ" gives MDM the impression that it will offend Him for the "Novus Ordo Rite" to be altered. - neglecting to mention that the "Novus Ordo Mass" is in itself "Odious" to Our Lord - condemned years in advance by Stigmatic Marie Julie Jahenny in 1902.
      Our Lord Jesus documented all the evils that would affect and infiltrate His Church via Saints such as Blessed Anne Emmerich, Marie Julie and Blessed Elena Aiello He warned of Freemasonry and Modernism - a "False Heretical Church"

      The prophecy regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict had previously been announced by an Italian Mystic - and it is now known that chose the date of his retirement in advance. I just wish it to be known that fallen angels, demons, familiar spirits and are aware of plans, dates and events in progress, especially when the date of an event has been announced in advance. So for such a prophecy to be given MDM is not as miraculous as people who read her messages believe. The events as announced by MDM say that the false Church will be a institution of the Future. The REAL Catholic Church was altered a long time ago, the Traditional Rite of Mass is the codified Mass of the Catholic Church - it was pronounced "eternal" never to be altered, or replaced by a New Rite by Pope St Pius V in his Papal Bull "Quo Primum" Also, this is not mentioned by MDM's Inspirers.

      A worrying aspect of her messages is that Christ seems to take a subserviant position to the Father. He states "When My Father created the world" When St John's Gospel states categorically that it is CHRIST Himself that created the world and all that is in it.
      MDM's Messages clearly indicate a Christ worried, seeking to warn everybody to watch out for changes. Yet, The TRUE Christ is Lord of ALL! He has previously condemned the adherants of the false sect - MDM appears to be somewhat wise after the events! I bear her no ill-will, some of those prophecies and messages are extremely persuasive - but 90% truth is rendered dangerous when 10% poison waters it down! Be on your guard against false mystics these days. Scripture tells us to beware of false Christs. Admittedly Pope Francis appears to be sometimes creating one himself - but Our Lord Christ is chastising US - if He truly wished him gone from the See - he would be found dead in bed - as others have been whom taught error!

      MDM's prophecies are manipulative in that they give an impression of a "Christ" who is concerned, helpless in the battle, wherein the reality is that the situation in the Church today is ALLOWED by Him. Called formerly by Mystics, A dire PUNISHMENT / Chastisement allowed TO HIS PEOPLE - it is also in Sacred Scripture.
      Also "The Father" announces Himself as "God of the Most High" We know whom"The Most High " is - Lord of ALL! Who is pretending to be His "God"?

    6. Pt 2 MDM was visited by people called "Saints" ONLY by the Modernists. JPII, St Faustina, St Mother Teresa etc.... This ALSO is suspicious. For, no one has yet explained why Pontiffs who failed to obey Our Lady of Fatima and reveal the TRUE 3rd Secret as commanded by God, can be forgiven and proclaimed "Saints" without their having formally repented and given Our Lord Christ a full and sincere public apology. It is said that Pope JPII was under pressure NOT to reveal the secret. Thus the New Church trains the faithful that it is considered ok by the Lord God to publicly disobey a direct Order from Heaven? A matter worthy of Sainthood? How can THAT be right and acceptable? Gross disobediance is a betrayal of God. An occurence condemned as being the breaking the first Commandment. God and God's Will ALONE must be our inspiration.

      For these reasons alone, unfortunately I can not find it in myself to TRUST the revelations of MDM. they are so much more frightening because the "Jesus" they seem to portray appears to be a very likeable and innocent person.To read of a weeping "Christ" who is possibly nothing but a waterer down of the Doctrines of the True Christ, a mischievous demon who claims to be loving, subservient to the Father , who cannot but be a trickster, is AWFUL! Something does not add up in her messages. I prefer to pretend that they don't exist. To be on the safe side, I try to protect myself by only reading those Prophecies accepted by the Old Church. God protect us all from being led astray. God preserve all Mystics from error!

      God preserve me in all Truth - may I not be found guilty of error or false judgement.

      Go to the Maccabean Uprising Channel on youtube . Watch this video. It explains everything - it's Brilliant!
      God Bless !

  18. Thank you for this article. I have also experienced this subtle apostasy in Fatima in recent years and it has unsettled me greatly..but the same seems to be happening in Padre Pio's San Giovanni. I could write a book about the disturbing things that are happening there...

    1. Hi! Actually, a book has been written (but it's in French): it details how the new church in San Giovanni is built on an architectural plan based on the thelema magic of the black Freemason Alastair Crowely in addition to other occult symbolism of Free Masonry. (Yes, the same occult philosphy of thelema magic that turned up in the "Spirit Cooking" scandal contected to Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager.) Dreadful.

  19. OH LORD Please send your love mercy and above all your forgivness apon us and keep us all safe from all harm evil and SIN and may the Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary be praised adored and Glorified throughout the world for ever and ever AMEN

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. The great purification must surely be not far away, the freemasons got their man in Bergoglio and he in turn got the wolves to infiltrate and decimate the church...

  22. Wow thanks for writing down this article, i can tell just By reading it, how much you must be sad By what is happening there.
    Our duty however is To make reparation and penance, i suggest we create a worlwide prayer and penance Group To support our church in this time of hardship.
    I also advise everyone that might be shocked By these atrocities To stay respectful and obedient To our pope and its bishops.Thé sin against thé Holy Spirit consist in thinking that He (thé Holy Spirit) has stopped To guide the church in truth as promised.
    Thé shepperd we have now are there by God's will, To think otherwise is To sin against thé Holy Spirit. Let US make réparation while considering pour faithfulness and obedience as part of our penance.

    For the scheduling of a precise program for penitence and reparation I proposed that we pray the novena to the Holy spirit all together and after the Pentecost we will unveiled it and get it started. To contact me my email is aulitviez"the mailing sign here"yahoo.fr

  23. Thank you for writing this article. Very disturbing. There is no joy, no love in the depictions of the two little saints. All the joy and love for Our Lady seems to be disappearing, and Fatima is being turned into a marketing exercise.

    It's as if the Evil One knows Mary is going to crush his head and is doing everything to bring profanation and sacrilege to her shrine.

  24. John
    I highly recommend for anybody to read Maria Valtorta Book 1 you find on You Tube its beautiful
    reading. However in another of her many Book called the End Times, you find all about the Antichrist
    a Bishop. Jesus called her his Pen. Maria Valtorta was bedridden and never had any Books about the Holy
    Land,nor has she ever visited Israel yet she bescribes ever Village and Places in details

    1. I have read "The Poem of the Man-God" by Maria Valtorta (5 volumes based on her visions of the life of Christ). The book is amazing. It is just like being there at the time that Jesus lived. It does not conflict with the New Testament, but instead it contains many details that were not included in the Gospels.

  25. Every sentence in this article is why I left the novus 3 years ago & now attend a traditional Catholic chapel,with valid priests/bishops.(not SSPX)
    The novus ordo is now completely empty.The shell of Catholicism that was hanging by a thread post 1969 is now 100% completely gone.
    I hope you find your way to the remnant Catholic church.

  26. Anonymous I agree with you. There are very few "real" Catholic priests throughout Europe and especially in the UK. SSPX (R&R position) are untenable, as are most so called "traditional" communities who celebrate the Mass as "Una Cum". Here in the UK we have only four (or five if you include occasional visits be priests from the EU to Glasgow whilst here on visits to Cambridgeshire) true Catholic chapels, and one trad. but suspected of being "old catholic" to be avoided. Only ONE true priest resident in the UK serving two chapels in the West Country, the other three/four being served by priests from the EU and USA.
    Bergoglio and his five predecessors, together with heretical bishops and cardinals have decimated what was once the Catholic Church, determined to eradicate all "sensus catholicus" and have a protestant woldwide church for the worship of man (self). I was invited to go to Fatima for the 100th anniversary but declined as there is not ONE Catholic priest within miles of the place and knowing it would be blasphemy from beginning to end, courtesy of the ugly, satanic Novus Ordo circus.
    Our Lady will not continue to be dishonoured by these reptiles for much longer and She will sure crush the serpent's head.
    Our Lady of Fatima pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

    1. Thank you for exposing the diabolical disorienting at fatima
      Can you please clarify what Jacinta meant , God will send a terrible chastisement beginning in Spain at that time flee the city of Lisbon a revolution of communist and catalyst nature will overun the city of Lisbon Also after Jeusu's warning through real sister not fake Lucy about the time of the great American depression 40000 priest and nuns were massacred for their wickedness. What will happen to these apostates priest and nuns supporting these anti-popes prefiguring Anti-Christ incarnate who will be born of a catholic bishop and a Jewish nun a false virgin Allan.

    2. Thank you for exposing the diabolical disorienting at fatima
      Can you please clarify what Jacinta meant , God will send a terrible chastisement beginning in Spain at that time flee the city of Lisbon a revolution of communist and catalyst nature will overun the city of Lisbon Also after Jeusu's warning through real sister not fake Lucy about the time of the great American depression 40000 priest and nuns were massacred for their wickedness. What will happen to these apostates priest and nuns supporting these anti-popes prefiguring Anti-Christ incarnate who will be born of a catholic bishop and a Jewish nun a false virgin Allan.

    3. Thank you all at nouvos ordo watch may God shower His choicest blessings you and your good work

    4. To "Unknown" - Re: Jacinta's prophecy: I've heard that Our Lady visted her in the hosptial in Lisbon and gave her another prophecy, that if people did not change, the year 1972 (or 1974, I can't remember which year) would prove to be a terrible year for the earth falling into unbridled luxury and depravity. The morals of the earth would take a sudden 'dive' so to speak. Lisbon in particular would be struck with another earthquake if it didn't change its ways and stop sinning. That's the only prophecy of Lisbon by Jacinta that I know about. In fact, Lisbon was decimated by a huge 9 point earthquake in 1755: what the earthquake didn't destroy, the tusnami and the fires did. The tusnami destroyed parts of the Algarve all the way in the south, and the town of Ourem (where the children were later imprisioned centuries later) fell off the hill it was built. The tusnami reached as far as Ireland! Lisbon itself was in chaos, thieves had escaped from jails, murders and looting were rampant. The King at the time had to do something to stop it and set up gallows on all the hills as warning to the looters and murderers, executions were numerous. History shows a mega earthquake like that hits about every 200 or 250 years here, and we're due another one. A few years ago, Portugal had national meetings with its emergency preparedness teams on what to do should another ever hit again.

      Re: revolutions, churches destroyed, etc, that's going to be par for the course during the chastisements: Marie-Julie Jahenny saw Satan challenge Our Lord, saying that when his demonic period would be gien to him on earth, he would set out to create CIVIL WARS throughout the whole universe, basically everywhere not just politcal revolutions. Our Lord also warned that whenve even Christians began to fight and have no peace amongst themselves, the great chastisements were at hand.

      Re: changes in the Church, the liturgy etc, Our Lord said to Marie-Julie Jahenny woe to those bishops that forced the changes, THEY WOULD NOT BE FORGIVEN; but, He would forgive the people. However, Our Lady told Marie-Julie we must still have great respect for the priests as if we were speaking to her own Son. They reason they have sinned is they have forgotten and trampled upon the great dignity of their office. Our Lord also warned we are not to judge the clergy, it is HE who will be the Judge. We stil have to pray for their conversion as a priest can drag thousands of souls to perdition or to heaven, we have to pray for them.

    5. Remember that all of these "changes" officially started under the reign of Pius XII.

    6. @Unknown May 23
      If you need a valid priest for Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, contact Bishop Markus Ramolla.
      He visits Europe for weeks at a time offering Holy Mass,
      He is currently is Spain,Italy,and Germany.

  27. Thank you, EA, for this article. I read your article on Marie-Julie Jahenny in the "Mystics of the Church" website and am very impressed with your insight and the amount of research you put into it.

    This article of yours about the Fatima sanctuary is so startling and enough to make one cry. I now understand why the Fatima angel taught the children to pray the following prayer:

    "O Most Blessed Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! I adore Thee profoundly and offer Thee the Most Sacred Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles of the world. For all the sacrileges, outrages, and indifferences by which He Himself is offended. And, through the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of sinners."

    Somehow I knew this prayer, given by the angel in 1917, was in reparation to liturgical abuses the Church was to go through starting in the late 1960's.

  28. The new outside Altar is NOT made of black stone but was lined with a black cloth frontal.

    1. Whatever it's made of, that's no 'frontal cloth', or the bishop wouldn't be smearing it like this with holy oils for the dedication.

      See picture here:


      Looks like one big solid block. And, unlike the Apparition Chapel, they never leave an altar cloth or 'frontal' sitting out on the Recinto Altar when the open air Mass is over. It was still this big ugly block this past Sunday when the main Mass was over, so what we see is what we get, a big block of black brown ugliness.

  29. Okay,some SPAMMING IDIOT keeps posting invitations down here in the comments to join the "Illuminati" in order to get rich and make connections--they're not even the real Illuminati! Just a bunch of scammers attempting to make money off them too.

    I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS NONSENSE...please IGNORE THEM--I will remove those comments as soon as possible. Thank you.

  30. Fatima was austere, serene and devotional in the days of the Estado Novo in Portugal, i.e., before the Carnation Revolution of April 25, 1974. Thereafter it has gone the way of the country itself.

    1. Too true, you can see the difference from the old films they show of Fatima. Even the snippet at the end of the Warner Brother's film shows a huge difference between Fatima 'then' and 'now'.

      Speaking of the change in Portugal since c. 1974 - my readers might be interested in this post featuring St. Vincent of Saragossa, patron saint of Lisbon and the 'Sign of the Ravens' compared with St. Jacinta of Fatima's prophecy regarding the coming chastisement of Lisbon and Portugal.


      (If the link doesn't work, just copy and paste the URL.)

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