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Friday, 21 April 2017

Messages of Divine Mercy to Marie-Julie Jahenny

Did you know that the prophet, stigmatist, mystic and Third Order Franciscan Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) was given beautiful messages about God's Divine Mercy?  Not surprisingly, they are the same messages given to St. Faustina (1905-1938).

Here are the messages she received:

A Period of Mercy before the Days of Justice and Chastisements

(September 29, 1881): St. Michael: “Friends of the Sacred Heart, I stay with you, your company is that of Jesus, you are generous and brave soldiers. The Lord desires me to tell you these words: Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.” St. Michael then shows her a sword with which he will help the faithful Christians in the evil times: “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, (he shows her his own sword next to the other) they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.”

To Priests:

(March 28, 1931) Our Lord complained to Marie-Julie: “Oh My daughter I am a God of trust and love.  I am a FATHER OF MERCY and of holy abandonment. I have many priests, they never preach on My Love or My goodness or My Confidence, nor on My Mercy. PREACH TRUST BY MY WILL. Make known My goodness, I am not loved because they do not preach all that is beautiful in Heaven that would make them love Me. Pray for the priests so that the Holy Spirit (becomes?) their breath (in preaching) that they may make Me loved.”


Our Lord (July 23, 1925): “It is so easy to please Me: a good will suffices Me, YOUR TRUST IN MY MERCY WILL ERASE EVERYTHING, PARDON ALL, there remains nothing but love as a beautiful white flame that rises and descends, the Beloved visiting His beloved, it is His beloved visiting its Beloved. Here is for Me My Heaven on earth: your beautiful souls who make reparation and compensate Me in receiving Me and visiting Me, (in the Blessed Sacrament). My little spouses, do you know what name I love so much? That on which I smile and My Heavenly Father is happy: FATHER OF MERCY, it is My joy. You delight Me. It is My Name that I love because I AM ONLY MERCY. It is a joy for all of Heaven.

Ask of Me under this beautiful name Father of Mercy, grant me, accord me.’ You will feel in your souls a very sweet and penetrating grace, and I will add a sweet consolation.”

Marie-Julie confirmed there was never a time that she did not feel consoled whenever she invoked Our Lord’s mercy.

Don't forget the first Sunday after Easter is DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY: a complete plenary indulgence and forgiveness of sin is granted if you go and make a sincere confession and receive Holy Communion on that day. “YOUR TRUST IN MY MERCY WILL ERASE EVERYTHING, PARDON ALL”.  (Jesus to Marie-Julie Jahenny)

Holy Communion: IT IS LOVE AND MERCY

Our Lord: “O my dear soul, do not forget that in Holy Communion is Mercy and Love Who give themselves to misery.” (We are miserable sinners, and it is for this very reason Jesus has deigned to come to us in the Blessed Sacrament as Love and Mercy.)


Offer your heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Joseph that they may purify it and make it a worthy place for the Heart of their Son in Holy Communion.

Our Lady to Marie-Julie Jahenny: “My little children, moments before Holy Communion let me take your heart of flesh with all that is in it and I will purify your lips up to your heart so that there will not be anything left, (i.e. impurities /imperfections). The perfume will be the lily of my purity, mixing the scent of holy humility and beautiful charity, beautiful charity that so has often has her beautiful white robe torn. My little children, ask me, ask St. Joseph who will place the holy scent of his holy death and afterwards let me purify in the sight of all Heaven the place of your heart, I will put it in mine with all its holiness, with all its beauty. It will be the Eucharistic Altar where Jesus will rest, it will be His heaven in my heart where the angels will love it and I will crown this throne of lilies, violets and roses, I will be the guardian of this divine Treasury. The angels will guard and nothing will tarnish the beauty of the tabernacle. It is my Immaculate Heart.”

Then, unite your heart to the DIVINE MERCY:

And then, my little children, tell the Beloved that you no longer have a heart yourselves, tell Him to grind it under the wheels of Divine Mercy and tell Him that the Divine Mercy brings these ashes to the ends of the world with these words: Love, Pity, Mercy, Recognition and Peace to the Earth and thanksgiving to the Adorable Heart that made of our miseries marvels of Mercy and sweet charity for the guilty souls (sinners).”

Those Who Trust in His Mercy will Die a Happy Death

Jesus confirmed to Marie-Julie Jahenny: “Oh! My little souls, I am Judge only for the soul that refuses My Divine Mercy.”  In other words, He will be a Merciful Saviour and not a strict Judge to those die trusting in His Divine Mercy.

Without Imperfections, there would be no need for Divine Mercy:

Our human miseries draw more Mercy upon us when we ask for It, for love and trust in Christ’s Divine Mercy forgives our imperfections, which will be blown away:

The Divine Heart (September 24, 1925): “My little souls, I leave you much misery, to make you merit, if I remove them all what is there that I will give you in Heaven since the imperfections is the work of Divine Mercy! O what a great work, this Mercy.”  “I form the diadem of your immortal crowns and the waste of your imperfections, the breath of Mercy blows them away. There will not remain the smallest particle, nothing but Mercy united to love and love to Mercy.” “I have come to tell you how much I love you and fill you with My most tender peace, and assure you of the beauty of your souls.” Marie-Julie: “Enough Divine Heart of Love. Your love is a great pain because we cannot (love), to the depth in which it crucifies us in the desire to love.” (Marie-Julie cried out it was a great pain not to be able to love God as much as she desired.) The Divine Heart: “My little souls content yourself with the desire to love Me. (The desire to love Him is enough.) I am content with your love, your good will. I am content with the desire to love Me and all of Heaven has its share of jubilation, and all of Heaven sings hymns of love while waiting for you.”

Our Lord (March 28, 1931) : “If there had been no misery, there would be no Mercy, as I am good with a sweet smile that seems to say – do you understand Me?”

The Divine Heart (July 19, 1934): “Pains of the heart, I give them to you as to reward you. I do not afflict you above your strength. If there had been no misery Mercy would not have been invented. I want to see all My loving souls to receive My Cross with open arms and kneeling, do not murmur. I permit, little souls, that you do not feel anything in your souls, it is the great moment of merit.” (i.e., when no spiritual consolation is felt when we are afflicted with temptations and suffer when combating our failings. It is because of our failings God is so merciful towards us.  Our struggles also earn us more merits.)

A message to those who are devoted to His Mercy and who spread devotion to this work of the Cross and the Divine Mercy:

Our Lord (September 3, 1925) “I unite you, little souls that I love and I choose to do much good, to sow much peace in souls and still much merciful love of mercy (this was said twice), love of Mercy. (We are called to spread Christ's message of peace, and LOVE OF HIS MERCY.) I give you this grace to be at the painful epoch of true mercy-bearers for many souls. You save Me souls by all the divine gifts that I give you today in My tenderness. Oh, I love you.” (...) “I love you so that I leave you in My goodness where I want you, My little apostles of My Divine Heart, of My Cross and My Mercy for the guilty souls (sinners) who no longer know Me. My little spouses, you replace My priests who will be lacking in many places. (i.e. we must be the apostles of Mercy where and when there are few priest who preach about it.) Beautiful mission invented by My Divine Love and My Divine Mercy.” (This was said twice)


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