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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Did God Just Light the Furnace?

Since one of my last blog posts was published 'The Lord Says: Look to the Sky for the Signs of the Times' I've received a request wondering if I've noticed anything in the skies recently.

In a nutshell, yes.

Before I continue, let me recap about the topic of that other blog post.

According to Bl. Catherine Emmerich and her remarkable visions of Biblical history, God gave certain individuals the gift to be able to read the signs of the time in the stars, namely, the Three Kings. 

 Not only could they see the events leading up to Christ's birth, but according to Bl Catherine Emmerich they could tell what events were happening in the world in kingdoms far away by reading the movements of the stars.

Bl. Emmerich also said this gift was given to Abraham and to Job of the Old Testament, which explains why there are so many references to the constellations in the Book of Job.   In fact, she said the Three Wise Men were descendants of Job, which is why they knew how to read the stars. The skill was passed down through the generations and eventually it passed to them.

Now, this is not astrology, i.e. occult fortune telling, but this is God's astronomy as the Bible says He created the stars, sun and moon for us so we could discern signs as well as the seasons.

If God gave the Three Kings the ability to read other events and not just Christ's birth, it is logical to assume the stars continue to tell us what is happening now with regards to God's plans for the earth – He wants us warned, especially as many constellations are also hidden in the Book of the Apocalypse.

Of course, we could botch things while attempting to see the signs of the times from the skies, none of us are the Three Kings – but sometimes things are just too 'in your face' so to speak that it begs risking an attempt.

My past post on the 'Signs of the Times' was an explanation of how God may be showing us He could be preparing the way for His Great Catholic Monarch to come who has been foretold in prophecies for centuries, (click here).

Now, another stellar event or two seems to show us this is happening as well, that things may be moving ahead to the next phase.

The one sky event that caught my attention in November 2019 was the announcement of the biggest ever gamma energy and light explosion discovered by scientists – they declare it was one of the biggest blasts of energy detected by humans other than what they surmise was the energy spent at the Big Bang, and that this latest blast was recorded as far back as January 14, 2019, (but of course didn't tell us ignorant peasants until that November.) (Click here for source.)

Hardly a peep from the media about this since it went public, unlike the reports of near earth asteroids whizzing past us, but this thing is important, or at least I think so.

Of interest, major discoveries in the sky and where they are found are signs in themselves.

Guess where this gigantic blast was located? 

Near the Fornax constellation – 'The Furnace' pictured here to the right.

It doesn't look like much, but this little wood stove contraption holds quite a symbolical punch when you get into it.

Whether or not you believe in the Big Bang theory, God producing Everything from Nothing certainly took a lot of creative energy, even the Bible said God worked and eventually rested.

Of course, God does not have the same kind of physically exhaustion as we do, but these phrases show God, the Great I Am and Ancient of Days, certainly spent Himself to a considerable degree if He is described as having 'worked' and went to rest. God always puts His best into everything and keeps nothing back. He even produced the best wine for the wedding of Cana, so a lot of energy obviously went into Creation itself!

I do think there must be some form of evidence showing this massive energy exertion in the physical realm of things, just like when you see what goes into an artist's masterpiece simply by looking at the state of his workshop.

Weak analogy, but you get the gist.

The Big Bang, without scientists knowing or wanting to admit it, is an affirmation of the Bible phrase GOD WORKED, and He put some effort into it! But of course, the theory was put forward by a Catholic priest after all, Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître (1894-1966).

So now we see one of the biggest mega gamma ray blasts in human history since the time of what scientists believe was the Big Bang? And in the Furnace constellation?


God must be at work again and setting something in motion.

Or, trying to get our attention.

Look at the Bible references for a “furnace”, (Douay-Rheims edition):

*) The Just are tried like the potter's vessels in a furnace:

"The furnace trieth the potter's vessels, and the trial of affliction just men."
(Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 27:6)

*) Cleansing and trying hearts:

"As silver is tried by fire, and gold in the furnace: so the Lord trieth the hearts."(Proverbs 17:3)

*) A Cleansing purifying test of humility:

"For gold and silver are tried in the fire, but acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation."
(Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 2:5)
"As silver is tried in the fining-pot and gold in the furnace: so a man is tried by the mouth of him that praiseth. (i.e. can the man remain humble when tempted by the praise of others). The heart of the wicked seeketh after evils, but the righteous heart seeketh after knowledge." (Proverbs 27:21)

*) Poverty is also used by God as a cleansing furnace of tribulation:

"Behold I have refined thee, but not as silver, I have chosen thee in the furnace of poverty."
(Isaias (Isaiah) 48:10)

As we see God prepares by trying and cleansing us through 'furnaces', and prepares clean ground by tribulations, aka chastisements, and also poverty, humility and humiliation.

And, the even destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is described the work or in terms of a furnace:

He looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and the whole land of that country: and he saw the ashes rise up from the earth as the smoke of a furnace." (Genesis 19:28)

God sends literal fire from the skies when needed.

(Image: "Lot and His Daughters Leaving Sodom", Daniel van Heil, 1604-1664)

According to several mystics, and also several passages in the Bible, God is preparing to send Three Days of Darkness that will at last cleanse the earth that has grown as corrupt as Sodom and Gomorrah.

It will literally be heaven-fire falling from the sky to where the angels will be dismayed and those who survive will envy the dead. (Click here for 'Where is that in the Bible?').

This fire is to cleanse the earth of all Masonic democratic republics and make way for the reign of the Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff destined to restore Christianity through the absolute monarchy of France. (See all the major prophecies here.)

Of interest the prophecies of Malachais of the Old Testament refer to the fire of a furnace falling and destroying the wicked, the day of the Lord, upon which the Sun of Justice will come with his wings –

"For behold the day shall come kindled as a furnace: and all the proud, and all that do wickedly shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall set them on fire, saith the Lord of hosts, it shall not leave them root, nor branch. But unto you that fear my name, the Sun of justice shall arise, and health in his wings: and you shall go forth, and shall leap like calves of the herd . And you shall tread down the wicked when they shall be ashes under the sole of your feet in the day that I do this, saith the Lord of hosts. Remember the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel, the precepts, and judgments. (Malachais 4:1-3)

Yes, of course this a prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ with the hosts of angels, but the “Sun of Justice” may also double as another prophecy of the Great Catholic Monarch. Prophecies often fulfil two events at once in the Bible.

Recall my last post about the apocalyptic Woman Clothed with the Sun and the crown of 12 stars, a big event was seen in 2016 as Virgo was crowned with 12 stars, and gave birth to a 'king' symbolised by Jupiter, but he was seen to be a king of iron, just like the Woman gave birth to a child that would rule the nations with a rod of iron – a symbol of the Great Monarch being a king of cleansing war and a 'child of exile'. (Click here for that blog post.)

In the ancient days, the constellation Virgo was also known as the goddess Justice by the Romans and Greeks when she was holding the scales of the constellation Libra.  Justice was also gifted with prophecy, wisdom and foresight. So if we remove the Greek mythology element the Sun of Justice, may also refer to the Woman clothed with Sun and crowned with 12 Stars giving birth to a King of Iron who will also be a King of Justice.

Another point to note - the Furnace constellation is a rather recent addition to the Western system of naming constellations – this previously constellation had no name as it is in the south below the horizon and not visible to Europe. It was added in 1756 by the French deacon and astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille (1713-1762), pictured below.

Fornax was originally called the 'Chemical Furnace' – basically, an ALCHEMY FURNACE, a furnace used in experiments to discover how to turn base metal into the pure gold of wisdom.

Interesting this constellation was named about in the “Enlightenment period” and about 40 years before the Masonic French revolution broke out. Freemasons have quite an amount of alchemical philosophy in their rites and gnostic thinking. But, as we see from the Bible God has His own refining furnaces to purify gold and iron.

The Hebrews were tried by a long captivity of slavery in pagan Egypt, but God describes this as a furnace of iron that tried them, and at last sent them a Deliverer – Moses. We are told to 'remember Moses' in the prophecy of Malachais above when the day of fire comes, and here were have the symbol of a furnace of IRON again – Egypt where the Hebrews were tried as if in a furnace of iron by slavery:

"But the Lord hath taken you and brought you out of the iron furnace of Egypt, to make you his people of inheritance, as it is this present day."   (Deuteronomy 4:20)

"For they are thy people, and thy inheritance, whom thou hast brought out of the land of Egypt, from the midst of the furnace of iron."   (3 Kings (1 Kings) 8:51)

(Image: ancient method of iron smelting.)

Moses, the Great Deliverer, led the Jews out from pagan Egypt, after Egypt was sent several plagues, which included Three Days of Darkness.

Of interest, the Freemasons are all rapt up in pagan Egyptian philosophy and symbolism – and we have been subject and even made slaves to it to a certain extent with all their inroads since the French Revolution.  One mystic named Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) was told France would pay for its 200 years of atheistic form of government from that time, for the democracy it spewed forth was from Hell itself. (See the prophecy here.)

Even Bl. Pope Pius IX (1792-1878) cryptically and prophetically hinted in his speeches and sermons that God often raises up deliverers when the Church was troubled, warned those revolutionaries who were attacking the Church not to wait for conversion lest God raise up a new deliverer, like the Moses of old who delivered His people from pagan Egypt!

March 3, 1872 , Pius IX's Address to Romans in different parishes: Make them understand (to those who are at the head of the people) (O my Jesus!) The danger to which they are exposed, and that they do not wait for another Moses who could make them be swallowed up in the passage of another Red Sea." (M. Chabuty, pp. 35-36. His source, R. P. Pasquale de Franciscis, “Discours de Notre Très-Saint-Pere le Pape Pie IX” , Vol., I 1873.)

April 28, 1872 ~ Bl Pius IX's Address to Romans from several parishes: How pitiful are those who make a pact with the Revolution! They want to play with the Revolution, and the Revolution will engulf them in its abysses ..... They are those who govern, and who believe they can put out the fire of the Revolution by approaching it closely, without noticing that they are themselves affected by a fire which threatens to burn down the whole earth, and whose warning signs are already being felt.” (M. Chabuty, p 34. His source, R. P. Pasquale de Franciscis, “Discours de Notre Très-Saint-Pere le Pape Pie IX” , Vol., I 1873.)

January 1, 1873 – Bl. Pius IX's Address to the Palatine Guard: Something similar is happening today (in the world) (as to what happened in the cities of the Pentapolis * before they were consumed "by the fire of the sky"): very great misfortunes threaten the world. Europe, Italy, Rome and many followers rejoice and dance on a ground full of danger. " (M. Chabuty, p. 35. His source, Univers et Monde, Jan. 4, 1873) (*) NOTE: it appears Bl Pius IX was cryptically referencing the evils of the world were similar to the times of Sodom and was possibly afraid of FIRE FALLING FROM THE SKY? - “Pentapolis” is a reference to a passage in the book of Wisdom mentioning the five cities destroyed by fire from the sky and Sodom Gomorrah were among them. “She (wisdom) delivered the just man (i.e Lot) who fled from the wicked that were perishing, when the fire came down upon Pentapolis: Whose land for a testimony of their wickedness is desolate, and smoketh to this day, and the trees bear fruits that ripen not, and a standing pillar of salt is a monument of an incredulous soul.” (Wisdom 10: 6-7)

October 2, 1872 – Bl. Pius IX's Address to the Youth of Rome: We hope that, like the Hebrews who arrived safe and sound at the end, we will be able, after having miraculously crossed these times of persecution, to sing like Moses: Cantemus Domino, gloriose enim magnificatus est: equum et ascensorem projecit in mare.” (Let us sing to the Lord: for he is gloriously magnified, the horse and the rider he hath thrown into the sea. ) (M. Chabuty, p. 38. His source, Univers et Monde, Oct. 7, 1872) (NOTE: compare with the Address of March 3, 1872 above – again, it almost sounds as if Bl. Pius IX was hoping for a 'great leader' like Moses who would deliver the Church.)


So, with this latest blast in the Furnace constellation, we detect that the old Masonic way of looking at alchemy, aka a symbol of the French Revolution and the diabolical democratic chain of events that unleashed may in fact be burned away by God's furnace in preparation to send the 'New Moses' aka, the King of the White Flag of France, the Great Catholic Monarch as Marie-Julie Jahenny foretold.

St. Michael told her he is only waiting for the order from God to clear France of all that has to do with Freemasonry, aka the Masonic Republic, with his fiery sword and to march with his armies with the King and the White Flag.  The King of iron, the symbol of war, will come during the cleansing hardships, the furnace of tribulation, war, and also poverty. The world is going to be knocked back to a simple way of life after the Three Days of Darkness after all. (And yes, this King is also represented by the White Rider of the Apocalypse. We'll get to that in a minute.)

Note, naming the Furnace constellation may be relatively new to us, but not in the Eastern cultures – to the Chinese in particular the Furnace is the White Tiger of the West an important symbol of wise imperial or royal rule.

In Chinese culture the tiger is the King of the beasts and was represented with a 'king' symbol on its forehead for centuries. 

 It was said in their mythology that the white tiger would only appear when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, or if there was peace throughout the world.   Because the colour white of Wu Xing Chinese philosophy theory also represents the west, the White Tiger became a mythological guardian of the west.

So, we can see symbols of the rise of a virtuous Emperor-King from the West associated with the colour white who will come after the purifying furnace of God's fire cleansing the earth and will bring the promised Age of Peace.

I'm not the only one who may have noticed the connection between the Furnace constellation, the White Tiger, and God's dual Creative and cleansing fire.

Take a look at William Blake's (1757-1827) famous poem 'The Tiger' first published in 1794:

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp,
Dare its deadly terrors clasp!

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears:
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Is that poem more than a mere 'co-incidence'?


And yes, this is the same William Blake who designed those famous artworks of the Beast from the Apocalypse and the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

He definitely must have been on to something.

However, stop the presses!

New sign, or development of the sign!

This past February 2020, the Fornax explosion has now been outdone by evidence of an ENORMOUS major blast found in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster, which has now been described as the biggest known explosion since the Big Bang. (Source, click here)

Is the Fornax sign out of date then?

No because I feel God was trying to get us to pay attention to recent discoveries regarding explosions around these particular few months of 2019-2020 as this next explosive discovery in Ophiuchus is very telling as well.

Since we see the 'Furnace' may be lit, Ophiuchus is the next sign, pictured right. 

Although representing a snake bearer, looking at it from a Christian viewpoint, it is in fact a 'Crucifixion' constellation representing Christ.

God in the Old Testament told Moses the Deliverer to raise up a bronze serpent on a staff to save the Israelites from the bites of the dreaded dipsas serpent. (Numbers 21: 8-9) The fiery bite of that serpent caused a burning sensation and a horrible thirst that could not be satisfied before it killed its victims. (Deuteronomy 8:15) God said those who looked upon the bronze serpent would be cured of its fatal bite.

This was an Old Testament symbol of Christ raised up on the Cross – noticed He thirsted greatly – He thirsted for the salvation of souls bitten by the Old Serpent of Sin and Death. Those who looked up Him would Live.

Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer therefore represents Christ on the Cross.  Next to it is the Virgo constellation representing the Virgin Mary.  (Sorry, I haven't found a chart those goes beyond the scale of Libra to show this.)  At the feet of Ophiuchus is the Scorpio constellation, but in the Old Hebrew way of astronomy, Scorpio was actually the Eagle, and the eagle is the sign of St. John the Evangelist who was with Our Lady at the foot of the Cross.

So, it is a constellation representing the Crucifixion. Yes, you have to use your imagination to 'see' it in the layout of the shapes but the symbolism is there.

I tend to pay attention to what happens in this constellation group because not only is it a Crucifixion scene, but at the right hand of Ophiuchus (if we picture him facing us) is another relatively 'new' constellation added to the Western sky charts – Scutum – the Shield, pictured below.


Scutum was named in 1684 by Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius, (Jan Heweliusz), who originally named it Scutum Sobiescianum (Shield of Sobieski) to commemorate the victory of the Christian forces led by Polish King John III Sobieski (Jan III Sobieski) in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

The Ottoman Muslim invasion was defeated at the Battle of Vienna. The battle was fought by the Hapsburg Monarchy, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire, under the command of King John III Sobieski. This was the first time the Holy Roman Empire and the Commonwealth and had cooperated militarily against the Ottomans, and often seen as a turning point in history after which "the Ottoman Turks” ceased to be a threat to the Christian world – that is until the recent rise of radical Islamic terrorism.

Early pictures of the Scutum constellation shows the shield with a huge cross on it, and some pictures even show it to be a Red Cross as seen in the illustration.

Another interesting constellation, to the left of Ophiuchus and our right, (if we picture him facing us) is the Corona Borealis, the 'Northern Crown'.

In Greek mythology this constellation represented the gift of a crown given by the god Dionysus to the Cretan princess Ariadne. Dionysus was the god of wine and the grape harvest, and, since we are also concentrating on the image of a cleansing furnace of iron as well as a royal crown connected to a shield with a cross, we detect a symbolic connection with the Royal White Warrior Rider of the Apocalypse with the Sword of the Word of God who will tread out the vintage of God's fiery wrath and rule all the nations with the rod of iron:

"And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and with justice doth he judge and fight. And his eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many diadems, and he had a name written, which no man knoweth but himself. And he was clothed with a garment sprinkled with blood; and his name is called, THE WORD OF GOD. And the armies that are in heaven followed him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth proceedeth a sharp two edged sword; that with it he may strike the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God the Almighty.” (Apoc. 19: 11-15)

Again, of interest, this 'Northern Crown' is next to the shepherd constellation Bootes.

All are intriguing signs when put together - the Great Catholic Monarch is destined to restore the Holy Roman Empire in union with an “Angelic Shepherd Pope” and declare the Victory of the Cross as foretold in the prophecies of the mystics. Together they will unite all of Christendom under the White flag of France and fight back the Muslim invaders of Europe with the army of the Cruciferi, or 'Cross Bearers' who will wear a red cross. But not until the earth is chastised with many tribulations first, the furnace of God so to speak, especially with the Three Days of Darkness with fire falling from the sky. (See the Great Catholic Monarch and Angelic Pontiff prophecies, click here.)

And guess what is the most intriguing sign of all?

It certainly made my jaw drop.

An alchemical furnace, or athanor as depicted in the Fornax constellation, was also called the 'furnace of secrets' and noted for being a slow burning oven.

Since it burned for a long period of time as was prized for carrying out long and slow operations – hence it earned another popular nickname, wait for it.....

Piger Henricus - the 'Slow Henry'.

According to the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny, the name of the promised Great Monarch is HENRY V the 'Miracle Child', also, HENRY of the CROSS.

What is the coincidence of having a 'alchemy furnace' constellation with the link to the name HENRY, and that is should have an explosion happen near it?  And that another explosion should be discovered in a Moses the Deliver / Crucifixion scene and a holy shield with a Cross on it commemrating the Battle of Vienna?   Henry of the Cross!

Of interest, alchemists who would use a 'slow Henry' not only attempted to unlock the secret of how to turn base metals into gold, they also tried to unlock the secrets of immortality and long life, they hoped to do this by discovering the theoretical quintessence in Creation - or FIFTH ELEMENT.

A Henry V connection!

Henry V was already on earth in the 1800s and Marie-Julie Jahenny was told he would one day be returned.  Other prophecies indicate sometime in the first third or half of the 21st century. We have certainly waited a very long time – but the 'furnace of secrets' has at last been lit if what we see in the stars is true – God may be preparing to send him at long last.  

As we recall, God says like silver and gold, He tries ACCEPTABLE MEN in the FURNACE of HUMILIATION.   (Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 2:5)

Christ tried Henry first in the furnace of humiliation in the annals of history for defending the White Flag of the Absolute Monarchy of Catholic France for it cost him his throne and earned him the mockery of the nations, even today he is still mocked for beaing a weak or inept leader for losing the throne over a flag, but Christ told Marie-Julie "His shoulders will bear like Mine the mantle of abomination, (...)" (July 21, 1881.

King Herod mocked Chrst and his royal authority by dressing him in white before sending Him back to Pilate, who allowed Him to be crucified.

Our Lady told Marie-Julie Jahenny (March 16, 1880):

My children, so many pains, so many crosses, so many tears will be highly rewarded. (...) It is my Son, who in His turn will command. This is how the secret works arrive slowly coming to their term, after having long been veiled in appearance. You are called to an extraordinary regeneration. (i.e. those predestined to survive the coming tribulations). You will be called the children of the new world."

Our Lord also said this to Marie-Julie Jahenny in February 1941 – apparently, the last of the known published texts of her ecstasies before her death:

To the powers that have fought with such bravery and courage, they will receive from France the greatest reward: to take its place within the Catholic Church, coming out of this baptism of blood rejuvenated and renewed. I will break all the obstacles and reverse all the projects of those that prevent the light to be, France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge. God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. I make light of the projects of men, preparing My right wonders. My Heart will be glorified throughout the earth. I appeal to confound the pride of the wicked. And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.

As Our Lord foretold to Marie-Julie Jahenny before this would all happen and King Henry V the 'Miracle Child' would be returned to renew Christendom, He would send warning signs and tribulations during the beginning of each year (see her prophecies here).

Now, in the first few months of 2020 after noticing these signs and discoveries in the sky regarding the furnace, in addition to huge apocalyptic plagues of locusts through east Africa and as far as west China, the worst ever fires, floods, snow and hail storms within a few months in Australia, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes everywhere in the world, and a new plague, COVID-19 Coronavirus (CROWN virus!) that is threatening to crash the economy and start a revolution, especially in France, which was foretold would be a manufactured event that would usher in the wars before the arrival of the King, we can certainly say we live in interesting times.


Thursday, 31 October 2019

When the World Gets a Hold of Your Darlings

Ah, the thrill of seeing something you have created out there in the world for all to enjoy - until you see what the world does once it gets a hold of it.

I wonder what the creative greats like Mozart or Tchaikovsky would have thought if they knew their masterpieces would one day be used as jingles selling everything from washing soap to dog food. 

 For instance, never in a million years would Beethoven had known let alone thought that 'Für Elise' would be used in the 1980s to advertise the greasy glory of fries and hamburgers to the point that every kid in America who wasn't taking piano lessons came to know the piece solely as 'The McDonald's Song'.

Remember that ad?  If you don't, I'm certainly getting old! 

(By the way, I found it on YouTube.  You're welcome.)  

Anyway ....

I'm no Mozart, but it seems writers suffer a similar fate.

We slave over our rough drafts and manuscripts, doing our best to turn out polished phrases, only to see  some of our cherished darlings, aka our quotations, morphed into other colourful mutant creations beyond our imagination once they have been released out into the big wide world.

Regarding my own quotes, I've found a few repurposed by whoever found them, thankfully, they are not all mutilated.  People have become pretty inventive with them!  (Or not.)

Below are a few that have either made me laugh as well as groan to the point I just HAD to save them.  I hope they amuse you too.

This picture with this quote - utter genius.    (Quote from Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

The next image below is a case of  'go home meme bot generator, you're drunk'.  

The quote is about the poetic spirit of the Eiffel Tower, and yet it has been plastered onto an image of an uninhabited wasteland, apparently by an AI program that doesn't deserve the 'I' for intelligence in its anagram.   *sigh!*    


This next quote is a favourite out there with the artists - here is an example of what they do to it:

(Also from Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

 Below, another case of "go home meme bot, you're drunk".

Thanks for sticking a quote about PARIS, FRANCE on a picture of VENICE, ITALY you dingbit!  Give this meme bot some geography lessons!

(Quote from Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

Next one, "Sesame Street" has turned into an urban jungle since I last saw the show.  LOL!

(Quote also from Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

Another case of a meme bot not having a clue - this quote of Faust, the man from the 1500s who sold his soul to devil for knowledge and power, stuck on a picture of a modern day weightlifter?

 Um....okay.  And, the bot cut out the last part of the quote too!

(Quote from Faust: My Soul be Damned for the World, Vol. 1)

Then, to find people translating your quotes into other languages.

The real quote should read: "Errors do not cease to be errors simply because they’re ratified into law.”(Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)
I hope their translator got it right in Japanese in the first place, I have no idea what these poor people actually read! 

Next one .....

Well, whoever the happy camper is sitting in the bathtub, she is not finding life fun or meaningful.

Next!  An unexpected comparison - one of my quotes from Brushstrokes ... with one about people who aren't too keen on their personal hygiene.

How about this mismatch between artistic minds and ... Australian wildlife?     (Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)

Oooo!  Look out below!  Someone has given me a new name. 

You may now call me Eva.

Drum roll..... awesomeness coming up.....

 Wow, what a quote, and ---


 Nope, I didn't write this one!  I have no idea how my name got stuck with this.

Also, I have no idea why this next picture was stuck with this quote .....

"Mad Magazine" moment!

And, below, the meme bot strikes again ... 

Hacking devices mashed up with a shipwreck on a tropical beach?  Drunk meme bot has really gotten sloshed this time.  Obviously it got a hold of Jack Sparrow's rum stash.

Whoa - this one was a nice surprise - someone put a quote up somewhere in the Big Apple, I have no idea where, possibly a bookshop or café sidewalk board,  but when you've made it to coffee shop sign in NYC ... that's got to be some kinda milestone!  

This next one though was a real scream ........

What a mismatch!  Although, I have to say, this bizarre pairing with 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch seems strangely apropos with the next novel in the series, Vocation of a Gadfly

Finally, the last quote meme ..... drum roll please .....

(Brushstrokes of a Gadfly)   LOL!

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The Summons

… He wished he didn’t have to go out tonight. As he went up the rectory stairs, he could hear the voices in the common room, his fellow pastors enjoying some community time together before dinner. The door was left ajar, he could hear Fr. Mark relaying his mishap at the hospital that day to the others. He had been sent to the wrong room and frightened a patient into thinking he was being
prepared to meet his Maker when he was only staying overnight for medical observation having bumped his noggin on a shelf at home. What made it worse, the patient replied if his time had come, surely it was a rabbi that should have been sent to him? The poor bloke wasn’t even Christian!

The room detonated with another round of laughter.

Ah Mark, how you keep forgetting what I told you!Don’t rely on the nurses to keep track of the spiritual patients, always verify who’sin the bed. Peter chuckled to himself.  Mark, oh Mark, so eager to serve, butforever getting into a jam.

Feeling better after a quick shower, he came down justas they were heading to the dining room.

“Ah, there you are, lad,” Fr. O’ Conner greeted. “Not going out again are you?”

“Yes, dinner with the superiors.”

“That’s right,” Fr. Mark remembered. “Don’t look so worried, it sounds like you may be promoted again.”

“If not, look at it this way, at least you won’t be subjected to Fred’s cooking tonight,” Fr. Jenkins noted with a big grin. One of the visiting seminarians from Africa insisted on helping with the dinners, unintentionally inflicting additional penance on them all long after the Lenten season had passed.  They had no idea what national dish he would introduce to them next, the smells wafting from the kitchen were not very promising.

“Shh, you know the lad means well,” Fr. O’ Conner reminded him, but he too was not looking forward to their evening meal. “Just offer it up. God help us, I hope we have enough antacid to tide us over ‘til the morning.”

“Someone better put that on the shopping list,” Fr. Mark added.

“Hey, don’t let us hold you up, you don’t want to keep them waiting,” Fr.Jenkins replied.

“See you later then.”

Back in the car, Peter headed in the direction of the Archbishop’s residence, hoping they would not make it an extended occasion. The housekeeper greeted him at the door and took his coat.

“Good evening, Monsignor. They’re waiting for you in the front parlour.  Dinner will be served shortly.”

“Thank you, Clare. So, how does it fare this evening? Is this a night of breaking bread, or is the Inquisition settling in to give me a good roast?”

“Ha ha! If they don't, I've got a nice lamb roast on, which is certainly better! But seriously, it's rather starchy tonight with another archbishop present, but they're having a laugh or two, so, I'd say, so-so. It's doesn't look like you're in any hot water.”

“Thanks. You're a dear.” Bless her heart, Clare was always on the look out for him, afraid he might receive the ire of His Eminence with some of the odd and unexpected pastoral care he gave to his parishioners and penitents on occasion.

“Forgive me, but I've got to check on the oven, or you're all gettingcharcoal for supper. Look lively now! You know how he is.” Clare laughed as shereturned to her duties, leaving him go. He had been to the Archbishop’s residenceenough times to be allowed the liberty of finding his way to the designated roomwhenever he was invited over. Knocking on the door, he found their Eminences partaking of a libation while they waited. They stood up as he entered.

“Good evening, Pete,” Archbishop Foley greeted, shaking his hand. “I’m glad you could make it, knowing how busy you are these days.  Kenneth, I believe you’ve already met Monsignor Reinold,” he noted, turning to ArchbishopMorrison.

“Yes, quite a few times in Rome, and also on this side of the pond,” he replied, shaking him by the hand. “It’s good to see you again. How is your family, and of course, your brother?”
“They’re all holding up as well as can be expected.”

“Naturally, it was a terrible thing to have happened, and to the Walsinghams too for that matter, the wedding having to be put off and all.”

“It’s a tragedy,” Peter agreed, “but hopefully next year might be better,God willing.”

“Let’s hope so.” Archbishop Foley nodded. “Would you like a drink? Scotch perhaps?”

Peter rarely drank these days, but accepted the scotch and sat down with them, engaging in casual conversation before it was time to go to the dining room. Morrison fondly recalled his time in Rome, Peter too could enjoy the reminiscing,having studied and received his ordination there. He had always loved visiting thegrand ancient metropolis on his business trips, but as a seminarian, had enjoyedthe luxury of completely concentrating on the spiritual life, visiting the famous shrines, churches and the catacombs between lectures.  He had met Morrison oneday at the chapel of the British College where he had received special permission tooffer his first Mass on the famous altar dating from Elizabethan times, a butcher’sblock, a gruesome momento mori reminding the newly ordained Englishmissionaries what was facing them when they returned to their blood drenched isle. He was teased by his new friends at the North American College, about howtheir chapel was not good enough for him, but he needed that reminder just as theEnglish seminarians of old. The chopping block was not confined to one era, norone form or country. There were many types of martyrdoms, spiritual as well asphysical ones; visible and invisible, the block took on many forms and could beencountered anywhere, any time.

“So, James tells me you are saying the Tridentine Rite these days.”

Peter’s mind snapped back to the present.

“Yes, I’m grateful for his permission. His Holiness wanted more priests tosay the Latin Mass.”

“Of course, of course.” Archbishop Morrison nodded edgily. Peter couldtell his Eminence still preferred the vernacular rite and all the supposedreformations that were to bring the Church into the modern age. Observing theold ways was often a cause of disagreement among the clergy. There were many who viewed those who clung to tradition as obstinate recusants refusing to part with an ‘obsolete’ past eventhough the old ways continued to be lawfully permitted by the Vatican. He decided to tread carefully.

“It keeps one part of the congregation quiet. Good thing Pete’s willing to do it,” Archbishop Foley replied with a civil laugh, attempting to keep the conversation on an even keel. Clare knocked on the door. “I believe dinner isserved. Shall we,” he noted, rising from his chair.

As usual, Clare outdid herself whenever his Eminence had company, but this time went to considerable trouble having set out the best linens, china, silverware and Waterford crystal. Raised to be the perfect cultured gentleman accustomed to these opulent settings Peter nevertheless reflected on life at the oldrectory with its motley assortment of dented and outdated furniture donated by parishioners over the years, the mismatched place settings and chipped tableware that would occur over an epoch of breakage and odd replacements, not to mention the faded carpets and conflicting wallpaper that had seen better days, jumbled décor that would be found in a house with a bunch of bachelors living on parish stipends who had hardly time to worry about the aesthetic coordination of theirsurroundings.  There was peace and contentment with his brother priests, no longer did he have to live with the rigid formality associated with his past life. While he did appreciate the occasional perks that came his way, he could let them go with serene detachment. All he really needed now was a roof, a bed, and something edible once in awhile.  Sometimes that last part was sketchy depending
who was doing the cooking, but he was still quite content.

Dinner passed pleasantly, discussions of the latest developments and projects in their respective parishes, including the recent funerals that Peter had officiated, before musing on the latest news from Rome such as the Pope’s upcoming papal visit to Denver for World Youth Day and other world events which took up most of the conversation. The dessert dishes cleared, Archbishop Foley invited his guests back to the parlour for a brandy. Talk had circled around to parish work again, and the thread was resumed as they sat back in their armchairs.

“I suppose we should get to the subject of why we’re gathered here tonight,” his Eminence began.
“Yes, I think so,” Archbishop Morrison agreed. “I have come to ask James a special favour, which involves you, if you’re willing that is.”

“I see,” Peter replied calmly. He was right, he had guessed something was heading in his direction. Oh Lord, not another promotion, and please, I’d muchprefer parish work. But not as I will … .

“Don’t worry Pete, this isn’t what you think,” the Archbishop noted with amusement. “I don’t think he’s forgiven me since I gave him that title,” he clarified to his peer.

“Ah, no honours, is that it, son?” Morrison turned to Peter. “Don’t let it bother you. From what I hear, you deserve it.”

As he feared: the rumours of his discernment were spreading far, singling him out.

“I wouldn’t say that.”

“No false modesty now, I hear the cathedral is receiving record attendance for confessions, and I need not mention single-handedly bringing the Walsinghams’ daughter into the Church. That could not have been easy, considering how her family are strict Episcopalians. My hand to you.”

“I really didn’t have too much to do with that,” Peter replied a little discomfited, he would never force anyone. While the Church was often referred to as a ship in mystical allegory, it was not supposed to be an unscrupulous navy shanghaiing passengers and crew. It was a Kingdom with open citizenship for anyone wishing to enter. Katherine had come of her own free will, it just happened that he was the only spiritual director she knew, one to whom she could frankly ask questions about their beliefs at length without fear of offending. How he disliked the Church discussed as though it were a business with a recruitment centre, with him portrayed as top headhunter.

“I beg to differ, but of course, you will be her brother-in-law shortly, so naturally she would turn to you,” Foley noted. “It certainly would be an accomplishment though if any of her family followed her example, fine pillars of the community I hear.”

“Yes, quite so,” Morrison agreed, “you do know they frequently donate to the Catholic Relief fund.”

“So you told me.” He nodded. “But forgive us Pete, again we’ve wandered from the matter at hand. To get to the point, Kenneth has asked to enlist yourservices as an exorcist.”


“Actually, nothing too involved. I just require your opinion on a case,”Archbishop Morrison clarified.
“Of course. Only, I thought that Father Xavier was your diocesan exorcist,” Peter reflected., “I can’t help but be surprised you would need my opinion.”

“Well, this is not my idea,” Morrison admitted, looking a little irked.

“Father Xavier has reviewed this case and is convinced it’s a matter of mental disturbance, but the family of the patient refuses to stop pestering my office. They fully believe their relative is suffering from a diabolical attack. They’re demanding a second opinion.”

“I see. Very well. Then I assume Father Xavier did not perform the Major Rite.”

“Correct, and I will not allow it to be performed until I can be certain that there is an absolute need for it. You know how these things are looked down upon, the Church is already seen as a backward relic to begin with, while a number of its ceremonies, especially exorcism, is considered a vestige of a superstitious past. We must avoid putting out that negative image as much as possible.”

Peter pursed his lips and studied the contents of his glass. It was the classic impediment to discerning a true diabolical possession as opposed to mental illness. The devil and his minions were shrewd, crafty enemies. They could mimic diseases of all kinds, hide behind them undetected and torment the afflicted for years. It took someone with a keen eye and a highly developed sense of their own soul as well as the spiritual world to discern the real from bogus mental illnesses and call a halt to this malicious siege, usually because the demons would not blow their cover unless provoked with something very powerful. The Major Rite was one sure proof as the spirits would be forced to answer and give their names, but until it was ascertained there was a case of demonic activity to begin with, exorcists were not given permission to perform it, bound by the virtue of obedience to their ecclesial superiors. The demons knew this very well and took full advantage of the Church’s reluctance to use that ‘backward’ rite. Hell was working furiously to maintain this intolerant and condescending perception of exorcism, sometimes it sounded to Peter’s interior ears of the soul as if the Enemy was laughing sadistically at his frustration with this deadlock.

“All right, well, it might help if I knew what he did do, and of course, any details on the person who is suffering from these disturbances.”

“Allow me,” said Foley. “I left the case file in the study. No don’t get up, no ceremony, I’ll be back in a minute.” He placed his glass down and exited the room. Morrison took the opportunity to engage in polite conversation.

“I appreciate this, Peter. You know, it still amazes me that you chose this particular apostolate in the Church. You could have had your pick of the enviable positions, and yet James tells me you insist on exorcist work.”

“No one else seemed willing to do it.”

“I wonder why,” the Archbishop wryly commented. “Tell me, Pete, may I call you Pete? Any interesting episodes in your chosen career since you were appointed?”

Despite the prevailing scepticism concerning exorcism, human curiosity always prevailed. Peter did have some strange experiences with house clearings, but he was not about to open a can of worms and stuck to the issue at hand.

“If you mean a serious demonic possession case with a person, no not really. Mostly people who were suffering from depression, and two major schizophrenic cases, things of that nature, people needing deliverance prayers, nothing that would require the Major Rite.”

“I see, so, you would be able to confirm Fr. Xavier’s assessment.”

“Yes, and also if the opposite is true, if it is as the family of the victim suspects.”

“Oh come now, it's all a matter of mental disturbance, pure and simple. We know exorcism is only a help for those afflicted to help them come to terms with their illness, make them believe something dark within them has been driven away so they can move on with the healing process.”

“I respectfully beg to differ,” Peter said guardedly. “It just happens that diagnosing a veritable possession is a rare occurrence.”

“Well, as you're the man who's doing the fieldwork, I won’t argue. James tells me you have spent some time with Father Amaranth. I suppose he’s showed you his famous jar collection.”  His Eminence snickered slightly.

Yes, that famous jar collection. How eagerly Fr. Amaranth would show to anyone willing to listen to his disturbing assortment of objects disgorged by the possessed during his exorcisms over the years: innumerable nails of all shapes and sizes, shards of broken glass, handfuls of marbles and other sundry items in the hope people would wake up to the necessity of his ministry. Instead, it opened the
old priest to more ridicule by the incredulous, but he refused to give up. Yes, Peter had seen those jars, but mercifully he was spared having to answer as his superior made his way back.

“Did I miss anything,” Archbishop Foley enquired, manilla file in hand.

“I was just remarking that Peter had studied with the head exorcist of Rome,” Archbishop Morrison recapitulated.

“That he did. Peter here is very interested in doing this. I told him if he really wanted something to challenge him that badly, he could help out with the prison ministry, but no, he says this is what he’s meant to do. Here you are, it’s not a pretty picture,” Foley concluded, handing him the dossier before sitting down and sipping his brandy.

Peter set down his glass and opened the file. His eyes were first confronted with the dead, expressionless features of a brown haired girl in her mid twenties, her photograph clipped to the right hand corner of the general psychiatric evaluation that had been given to her family. Her lips pursed, face gaunt and blanched, dark brown eyes glowering and devoid of light; this girl, Melissa Yardley, had been through horrific traumas. He did not have time to read everything right then and quickly glanced through the first page written by her relatives relating her personal details; she ran away from home to escape an abusive stepfather and went to live with them, a maternal uncle and his wife. However, she grew rebellious, eventually ran away from home again. Her aunt and uncle reported her missing and did not know what had happened to her for several years until she had been brought in to a hospital. She had made her way to New York, fallen in with the wrong crowd, they could only assume the worst, drugs and a promiscuous lifestyle, but no one could know for sure, she was suffering from what the clinical reports described as severe psychotic delusions and hallucinations, proving to be a danger to herself and others. Multiple scars on her arms indicated she was self-harming, not to mention other signs telling of her suicidal tendencies.

These were only the physical signs, the outward appearances. Many people suffered from psychological traumas and were not possessed. However, his soul, recoiling from the mere touch of the dossier, told him more than mere printed words and a glossy photograph could. It was similar to the feeling he experienced when handling a cursed object. His spirit could feel an evil emanating from the file as though it harboured a malevolent entity. Thankfully, up to now it was a rare occasion when he felt something like this. He was instantly reminded of one extreme case concerning a house clearing when he had been drawn to an old antique table, not in appreciative attraction for the beautiful woodwork, but as though he were a soldier scouting out a field of battle and from the corner of his eye could see through the enemy’s camouflage. He eyed the piece warily, then calmly made the sign of the cross with holy water. The table abruptly cracked as if exposed to intense heat and a muffled thumping resounded over his head as if something invisible was trying to fly and escape, frightening the owner of the house.  Peter instantly knew what was wrong, the table had been used for séances, ouija sessions, tarot card readings and quite possibly, black spells. No longer used for these purposes, it was still a portal bringing evil to the next generation that owned it. His advice: burn the thing, then, a total clearing would be needed to ensure any vestiges of its presence in the house were dispelled. He would say the Minor Rite of deliverance, bless the house, then say Mass in the room where the table had been. The owner protested at first, but eventually did as he suggested and allowed him to carry out the necessary rites, and the dark feelings that were felt on the premises left immediately once that was done.

Peter could feel this girl was suffering from a similar attack, but much blacker, a demonic Hell-chain held her in a vice grip and would torment her for the rest of her life unless she could be released, it would drag her to the abyss if possible. God help her, how did she get tangled up in such a mess? He would not be able to tell for certain until her free will had been restored to a point and she was at liberty to confide in him, or the demon be forced to answer.

How could Fr. Xavier not see what was lurking within? Of course, Peter had to remind himself that not everyone could feel situations or pierce through them with their interior eye as he could. Still, even if the majority of priests were not granted discernment this markedly, a certain level of this spiritual skill could be acquired by detachment from the world, a constant and diligent prayer life plus
careful observation. The difficulty nowadays people were too busy to be aware of the importance of nourishing a spiritual life and the true existence of Hell and Heaven. Prayer life and going to Mass on Sunday, activities with designated time slots and forgotten once completed. It was very easy for them to miss the tangible presence of Hell despite the turmoil in the world confirming its existence. Hmm,
just what did Fr. Xavier do?

Peter looked through the papers for Fr. Xavier’s assessment and found very little to go on. His ecclesial colleague saw nothing that warranted an exorcism. All he witnessed were supposed hallucinations and at other times delusions of persecution. What looked like personality changes and the victim fighting off unseen presences were only figments of a disordered mind he concluded. While he visited her, the girl did nothing of the preternatural, such as speak in an unfamiliar or ancient language, nor disclose knowledge unknown to her. Obviously, the more pronounced supernatural occurrences didn’t happen at the time Peter surmised, such as levitation of the victim or objects around her.

No, the demon is too smart in this case, he’s not about to show his hand that quickly. He had the distinct impression this was not one of the lesser minions at work, something knowledgeable and high up in the demonic hierarchy was calling the shots here.  Peter could not help but feel disappointed with Fr. Xavier, he should have known better, but then, so many priests were not properly trained for this particular ministry in the Church, even in Rome the training for exorcism was sketchy at best. If it wasn’t for ‘the gift’ and his own careful study of the matter over the years, Peter felt he too might have been stuck out on left field. He hoped it was just a case of inexperience on Fr. Xavier’s part. At least Peter could tell instantly when something was wrong, but sometimes 'the gift' was a horrific burden, he often felt weighed down by the knowledge he received.

To make matters more complicated, Peter could not tell their Eminences right there and then what he sensed, that they had a true case of possession on their hands. His spiritual premonitions were not enough to begin the Major Rite.  Documented evidence with witnesses would be needed to convince them, plus a consent form signed by the possessed once permission was granted, and in any case, he dare not mention this ability to read spiritual situations. There were those in the Church who dreaded any sign of the mystical supernatural working through one of their own. If there was not outright jealousy, there was complete disbelief to the point of ridicule and persecution. Right now, he had to keep this quiet,address the situation in a round about way if he hoped to help this girl.

“So, what do you think,” Archbishop Foley enquired after a minute.

“Judging from these reports, I can see why Fr. Xavier considered this was nothing more than a mental breakdown, but I would need to see her in person to make a full assessment, and it might take a few meetings, just to be absolutely certain,” Peter noted.

“Of course, James says you’re always thorough, which is good for me, but I wouldn’t mind getting this sorted as soon as possible,” Archbishop Morrison replied.

“All right, but you don’t mind if I probe a little deeper into this case? That is, that I have your full permission to do what is necessary to get some answers?”

“Er, of course, you have my full permission to probe on my pastoral turf, if that’s what you need to hear,” Morrison noted with some amusement. He had heard Monsignor Reinold was a stickler for certain details all right, but did he need his permission for that too? Peter ignored the bantering tone, he had what he needed. He didn’t mind if getting the job done right made him an annoying pain in the neck. At least he had developed a tough hide in the corporate world, it did have some advantages after all.

“Very well then. Sundays I’m basically free, after my morning parish duties of course. I could see her beginning this weekend.”

“Whenever you’re free to do this, I’d be grateful.”

“That’s settled then, we can arrange everything with the girl’s family tomorrow. More brandy,” Archbishop Foley offered, glad the necessary unpleasantries of the night were over. Peter declined the top up as he had to drive home.

Presently, the evening came to a close and the Archbishop apologized for keeping them up late considering they had an early morning ahead of them. Peter took the case file with him to study in his own time and slid it into his black curate case that he left in the trunk of the car before he drove back to the rectory. He had to make sure that no one else would read the file, not just because Miss Yardley’s general psychiatric evaluation was included, simply an act of charity. Unless permitted to be released by the victims and their families, the names of those requiring exorcisms were to be kept confidential by the Church to ensure that once they were set free from their tormentors they did not receive torturers in human form. What would be the point in helping someone only to have everyone single them out as a freak? The victim would be a source of gossip and sin to others, nor would they ever be able to get on with their life and have any peace. That is, if a priest was allowed to help them in the first place.

Prejudice against the rite of exorcism was a terrible obstacle, not to mention the distressing lack of faith with numbers of the clergy who entertained the ludicrous notion that demons and possessions were delusions of the medieval period. It pained Peter to see that even the highest authorities in the Church remained blindly indifferent to the Gospels, that Christ cast out demons as well as healed the sick, they were separate miraculous actions and pointedly recorded as such by the Evangelists. There was an alarming unspoken mandate operating within the Church in these desperate times: you may preach about love, forgiveness, prayer to heal the sick, helping the poor, the usual happy feel-good subjects, let us be motivators, but do not mention Hell, damnation or devils please, thank you very much. That will not keep the offertory baskets filled.  What a dangerous principle Peter often mused, to teach the Good News without explaining the Bad News that must be conquered. It is no different than if generals lauded the honours and medals that could be won in victorious combat without preparing their cadets how to fight or refused to teach them their enemies’ tactics because war is disagreeable.

That was not good enough for him, a responsible general or captain had to know his enemy and prepare the troops. Peter had no qualms about giving rousing fire and brimstone sermons when necessary considering he would one day answer to God for the souls placed in his care.

It was good to call it a night, never before did the stairs up to the bedrooms look so inviting. By now, the rectory was quiet except for the muffled sounds of the television coming from the community room, someone was still up.  Peter opened the door an inch to see Fr. O’Conner fast asleep in an armchair.  Obviously, he had waited up for him. He turned off the old set and gently shook the slumbering man’s arm.

“Don’t mind me, I was just restin’ my eyes.” He stretched the stiffness away. “So, how did it go? When do you get your crosier?”

“Not ever, I hope.” Peter smiled. “I don’t think I’d make a good bishop, not according to today’s standards, or lack thereof.”

“Nonsense, lad. You’re a natural leader, we could use men with some backbone. Tell me, how did the evening go? They’re not transferring you, are they?”

“No, I’ve been given a mercy mission in fact.”

“Oh? On top of all the extra work you have? Care to share, or is it confidential?”

“All I can say is I’ve been asked to assess a mental patient in Archbishop Morrison’s area and see if there is cause to begin an exorcism.”

“You don’t say? Sounds mighty serious, judging from your expression. You feel you have a real one on your hands this time,” he noted quietly, meeting Peter’s eyes directly. He didn’t have to say anything, Fr. O’Conner understood much, one of the few who did without necessarily having the gift of infused discernment himself. “I know you wanted this ministry, but sorry lad, I can’t say I congratulate you,” he then added, “if it were me, I’d dread what I might find. Come, let’s off to bed, you’ll need all the forty winks you can get.”

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