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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hillary, about those Nuclear Codes ...

Hillary is convinced that Trump is someone who should not be given the nuclear codes and thinks it would be a terrifying situation if he had his finger on the nuclear button.

Well, let me remind everyone of  Hillary's track record of pushing buttons way back in 2009 after Russia invaded Georgia, an action which 'crashed' relations between Russia and the US. 

As a gesture of goodwill to restore these former amicable relations, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, with a symbolic 'reboot' button, which went horribly wrong.

Just see for yourself:

Transcript of video:

Hillary Clinton: “ I wanted to present you want represents what President Obama, Vice President Biden and I have been saying, and that is: we want to 'reset' our relationship. And secretary, we will do it together!”

* she presents the symbolic button to him *

Lavrov:“Thank you very much.”

Hillary: “You're very welcome: We worked hard to get the right Russian word. You think we got it?”

Lavrov: “You got it wrong.”

Hillary: “I got it wrong.”

Lavrov: “It should be “perezagruzka” [the Russian word for reset]," said Lavrov."This says ‘peregruzka,’ which means ‘overcharged.’” (Side note: it can also mean 'overload'. E.A.Bucc.)

* Laughter *

Clinton: "We won't let you do that to us, I promise. We mean it and we look forward to it."

Lavrov: “Okay, thank you very much. I will put it on my desk.”


In unison, the whole world slapped its forehead in one, big face-palm moment.

What makes this whole idea of a 'typo' more suspicious is that according to the book “HRC:
State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton” by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes (Random House February 2015)  it was joke-loving Clinton's senior advisor Philippe Reines who came up with the idea in the first place, but made a strange admission in that he had : “... sidestepped traditional protocol by not asking State’s team of translators to help with the project from the start. He later said he was unaware such resources were available to him.”

Are you kidding me? I am only a solitary American citizen in no way employed in a diplomatic position, and even I know that the US government has tip-top translators in its service.  How on earth can a country be expected to maintain international relations with other countries without translators? Come on people! You can't tell me Reines did not know the US would have had expert Russian translators on call, especially since the time of the Cold War!

But, we find out he did seek out assistance from some US experts on Russia, which makes this whole 'I didn't know I could get translators' excuse questionable. Authors Allen and Parnes have more to reveal about the incident:

[Reines] had asked NSC Russia director Mike McFaul for the word and both McFaul and State Russia expert Bill Burns signed off on the spelling...

Yikes! So, at the time we had two more in our government who had professional and diplomatic experience with Russian relations and therefore the Russian language ALSO BOTHCING UP THE TRANSLATION OF ONE WORD? This is very curious indeed.

You would nearly think they were purposely trying to insult Russia and destroy relations further. In fact, maybe that was their intention in the first instance.  Just think about it.

If the US was truly interested in restoring peaceful relations at that point, why did Hillary instead of politely apologising to the Russian Foreign Secretary for the blunder of the supposed typo referring to 'overcharging' by saying “Don't worry, we will not let the at happen to you', did the opposite and returned the symbolic reboot gesture with a threat: We won't let you do that to us, I promise. We mean it and we look forward to it.”

Strange how Hillary adamantly declared her team 'worked very hard' to get the 'right word' ~ and yes, Reines sought advice from NSC Russia director Mike McFaul and former US Ambassador to Russia, Bill Barnes, on the 'right' Russian word, and yet they all together 'accidentally' made a huge diplomatic blunder. It's only one word on button: how could they get it so wrong ~ unless they meant to?

With that button came one little word and a veiled threat under the cover of friendship~just smile while you knife them. A classic example of how a government can destroy relations even further.

Allen and Parnes then follow up and describe the humorous aftermath of the 'Reboot Button Affair', which is anything but laughable if you read between the lines:

“Reines tried to correct the error, asking Russia’s ambassador to Switzerland to give the gift back temporarily so that a new label – with the right word – could be printed and affixed to it.
“This is a gift from the United States. I don’t think I can give it back to you,” the ambassador replied with a smile. “If I did, my minister would be very upset.”
“If your minister doesn’t give that back, my minister,” Reines said, referring to Hillary, “is going to send me to Siberia.”

Not only that, authors Allen and Parnes state that the gaudy red and yellow 'reset' button was filched from the swimming pool or jacuzzi at the hotel.

So there you have it, The symbolic button was filched. What! Our government raking in millions of tax dollars couldn't shell out to buy a new button for this diplomatic gesture? If that isn't insulting. This is how Hillary and her staff tried to 'reset' peaceful relations with Russia? On the contrary!

It seems she and her diplomatic team were doing everything to add insult to injury without looking too obvious to the rest of the world under the cover of a joke, and what is more ominous, Russia was reluctant to give the button back to rectify the spelling: they had been given a 'gift' from the United States and said it would seem rude to return it, but in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were keeping it as a reminder of the insult they had received. As they say, beware Greeks bearing gifts, or it is it this case, Americans?  Ouch!

According to another BBC article dated March 2009,  Hillary and Lavrov tried to get over the gaffe later, Hillary stating: "The minister corrected our word choice. But in a way, the word that was on the button turns out to be also true. … We are resetting, and because we are resetting, the minister and I have an 'overload' of work."

But, try as they might, it's obvious the damage was done.

As recent as June 3, 2015, an article in the Washington Times  relates Foreign Secretary Lavrov is tired of people asking him about the button, declaring “it was the invention of Hillary Clinton and (the) Obama administration.

If you haven't noticed, relations between our two countries have deteriorated further since then, and Hillary has the audacity to maintain Trump shouldn't have his fingers on the nuclear buttons!

Okay, maybe you think that I'm making a big deal out of a symbolic button that didn't do anything when it was pushed, but please reconsider: as I said in my last blog post 'A Plea to the Next President of the United States', a symbol is important and image is everything. Successful diplomacy often hinges on the smallest but most significant symbolic gestures.

If Hillary and her team couldn't even handle a symbolic 'reset' button like this and in fact, made our nation look idiotic in front of the whole world, possibly further jeopardising peaceful relations with Russia in the process, and it would appear they did it on purpose, what ever makes her think we want her to have access to the nuclear codes? She thinks Trump is dangerous and will unsettle world peace? 
And I quote: “He (Trump) is not just unprepared. He is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”

Excuse me? It is said people accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of, better look in the mirror Hillary. You were lacking knowledge, stability, and had forgotten your immense responsibility as Secretary of State when you threaten Russia at the very moment you were supposedly trying to restore relations between our countries.

You know what Hillary? NOBODY should have access to nuclear codes of any kind. Unfortunately, it is the sad state of the world today that humanity now has such horrific destructive power at its fingertips.

According to your favourite line you mentioned at the DNC, it takes a village to build and hold fast a nation, but I think you forgot it also takes a village to produce an idiot capable of destroying the whole world on their whim. No more buttons for you.

 Let us pray you never get your hands on the nuclear codes, period.

(Update! Blurting out our country's nuclear response time to the world during the Third Presidential Debate, which is Top Secret information, only proves my point: you are unfit to hold the highest office the nation. Thanks to Wikileaks, we not only know you are a traitor that has sold her country out, you can't keep your mouth shut when yu're supposed to!)

I'm tired of the Clinton campaign and the 'Controlling Machine' of America offending me and insulting my intelligence, and I can state with certainity I am not the only American offended in this manner.

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