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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Plea to the Next President of the United States: Hopefully Trump.

Dear Mr. President To Be, (optimistically assuming it will be Trump),

You have promised to make America great again just like it used to be: the strong land of freedom, of opportunity with a thriving economy and bustling manufacturing industry, a nation with a strong work ethic where people take pride in their work and the quality thereof, and when you begin to fulfil your promises, there is one thing I would plead with you to please restore to its former glory along with the rest of the country ~ the Press Room logo of the White House.

What has happened to the image of the House in White and its strong background reflecting stability and strength? For years it used to look like this:


That is until former President “Bushwhacker” Junior was put in office and committed a chainsaw massacre on our country. In 2007-2011 the Press Conference logo was changed to THIS:

A shaky, confused, unfocused, unstable representation of a mucus-green sick House that looks like it is suffering a malignant infection and is on its deathbed coughing up pestilent exhalations along with its last gasps.

Considering the mess the country has suffered since the time this logo was thrust upon us, from 9/11 and the ensuing disorder in the Middle East, the banking crisis since the ludicrous plunge in interest rates and the resulting economic collapse, which we are not yet clear of, the symbol seems very ominous.

As you know, a logo can make or break a business. Companies would not spend thousands upon graphic designers if this were not the case.

Image is important and a symbol is everything. We need a sign of RESOTRATION NOW!

If anyone doubts this, please continue to my next example. The logo of the White House is not the only one that has undergone a prescient change reflecting the precarious nature of our times.

Gone is the elegant 'B and A' logo of the Bank of America as seen in the 80s. In its place since 2001 is our American flag now mutated into a parquet floor tile that says to the whole world 'step on me'. If that wasn't a sign of the economic disasters that were to come shortly thereafter and the financial uncertainties that continue to this day, I don't know what is. 

 (Bank of America logos, then and now.)

For years the world has been presented with an image of a bloated, limping, noxious 'White' House that is far from the picture of health, and how apropos considering the current state of the nation.

Dear Mr. President when you are sworn into office, as a sign that you indeed wish to Make America Great Again, please, may one of your first actions as the new Commander in Chief be to restore the White House logo to the perfect picture of health.  Let the country and the whole world know a true leader has taken up residency in the Oval Office and things are about to change for the better.  Image is important and a symbol is everything.

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