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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Marie-Julie Jahenny~Stigmatist and Prophet

 (Post originally published July 19, 2015)
descriptionRecently I was requested to write an article for the Mystics of the Church website about the extraordinary life of Marie-Julie Jahenny, stigmatist and prophet from Blain, Brittany France, also known as the "Breton Stigmatist". 
One of the little-known approved mystics of the Catholic Church, she was granted an astounding number of visions concerning the future in addition to numerous miraculous events which science cannot explain.

Many of her predictions have come to pass, others are yet to occur: wars, famines, total destruction of the world, details about the Three Days of Darkness plus how to prepare, and a Great Renewal of the world and the Church that will be brought about by a Great Monarch together with an 'Angelic Pontiff'.  These promised events have been foretold for centuries by saints and mystics, but it appears Marie-Julie was granted additional visions on the subject and was given the mission to remind the faithful that these ancient propehcies will indeed come to pass.
According to Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Great Monarch has already chosen by Heaven ~ Henry (Henri) V, the Count of Chambord, the last and future king of France and that all of Christ's revelations to her about the Great Monarch refer to Henry V, the 'Miracle Child'.
For more information, you may read the article here: Marie-Julie Jahenny, the "Breton Stigmatist": Her Life and Prophecies

UPDATE: You can also visit my new blog: "Marie-Julie Jahenny: Prophecies for Our Times"

Interested in the identity of the Great Catholic Monarch of prophecy?  See my article about her revelations concerning HENRY V "The Miracle Child" here.

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