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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Conversation with St. Michael, Prince of the Angels

As we approach the Feast of St. Michael, (September 29) I would like to share one beautiful apparition of the great Archangel to the Church approved mystic and stigmatic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, also known as the 'Breton Stigmatist'.  St. Michael often appeared to her, warning the faithful through her of the terrible punishments about to befall the earth due to sin, but in one remarkable and touching conversation the Archangel revealed some of his duties as Prince of the Angels, also confirming some of his roles that had generally been accepted in tradition.

Below is an excerpt of a long personal tête-à-tête of the Archangel Michael with Marie-Julie dated September 29, 1880.  Excerpt taken from the free E-book  We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny      (You can also download a copy from Goodreads  Here.)

(Image: The Great Saint Michael by Raphael)

For more concise information about Marie-Julie Jahenny and her revelations, see also:

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 (Explanations of the French Text, etc., in italics.)

 St. Michael: "( ... ) Dear Friends of the Cross, do you know why until now, the Lord's Hand has not struck?” (That is, why God has not already punished the earth because of its sins.)

Marie-Julie: “No, Holy Archangel.”

St. Michael: “You, good and faithful servants, your prayers, your devotion, your faith and trust that so far, with suffering, has sustained that Arm that carries the angry vengeance. Your shoulders have sustained It. Your prayers and your suffering is like a strong pillar that rises from the ground and goes up to the angry Hand of the Lord.  Remark, dear friends, until now the Lord sent a lot of suffering, of crosses, many sorrows, privations of all kinds. This was only an extension of days for the poor sinner, and he has not benefited. The suffering, the sacrifices, the penalties will soon end and the sinner is still in a poor and awful condition!” (i.e., God has sent many sorrows to try and convert sinners, but they have not changed.)

Marie-Julie: “O Holy Archangel, he (the sinner) does not know this, if he knew, he would return to the Lord!”

St. Michael: “Many will not come back.” (Sinners will not reconvert and come back to God.)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! What more is there to do?”

St. Michael: “I do not see much that can been done, there is more to receive than to give.”  (i.e., there are more sinners who need sacrifices than those who are willing to make the sacrifices to save them.)

Marie-Julie: “O Holy Archangel, (we?) should rather give up to the end and not receive (anything ourselves?) until the last day.”  (I.e. Marie Julie says to save souls the faithful should be generous enough to offer all their sacrifices and sufferings for them without thinking of themselves or their own comforts.)

St. Michael : “Here the time is approaching when the victims (i.e. those who suffer to make reparation to God and save sinners) will close their mortal eyes to the land of this lower world, to go with the Lord enthroned in glory. All will rejoice, they will tremble with happiness, joyful because His Hand will soon place (on them) the merited crown for having suffered and having followed the road to Calvary without complaint, without a murmur, but always joyful.”

Marie-Julie: “O Saint Michael, to think of such a high existence, what have we to offer the loving Spouse  (Jesus) who is so good?”

St. Michael: “All the merits from the tests and virtues gained in the pain of abandonment." (That is, she can offer Jesus all the merits she has gained from her suffering as a gift to Him.)

Marie-Julie: “It is hardly enough, Holy Archangel, I will borrow from my friends something, and I will make a return to them (repay them) when they come to heaven.”

St. Michael: “I will make the donation.” (St. Michael promises to help enlarge her gift to Jesus!)

Marie-Julie: “Archangel, I would like that, I would like that.”

St. Michael: “It is I that hold the scales.”

(Note: One of St. Michael's duties is to lead the souls into the afterlife, and during their Particular Judgement before God, weighs all their good and evil deeds in a balance to see if they are worthy of Heaven or Hell.  St. Michael is often depicted in art holding a pair of scales as he weighs the souls to be judged. Here, he may be reminding Marie-Julie that he will also keep her to her promise and weigh the returns she makes for his donation.)

(Image: 'Weighing souls on Judgement Day'  by Hans Memling, 15th century)

Marie-Julie: “Yes, I think often of when you will weigh our souls, you will pay attention and justly place the good and the bad.” (I.e., everything will be justly weighed, all the good and the evil we have done.)

St. Michael: “I intend to let pass all my friends of the Cross who are the chosen friends of the Lord, all, I think of them, I will send them into the heavenly Jerusalem.”

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, those who you weigh, if you place them, when there is a small crumb missing (for them) to go to Heaven, if you place a small weight to bring these hidden souls who sometimes have only three hours, one hour of atonement, it is a charity, my good Archangel!”  (I.e., She pleads that he spares the pains the friends of the Cross must still undergo in Purgatory by adjusting the balance in their favour.)

St. Michael: “It must be just.” (His scales must balance correctly.)

Marie-Julie: “I know that well, but if I weighed them myself, I would speak to the Good Jesus for them to give them that grace, I would cherish them, I would beg for them, I would comfort them, I would kiss His Adorable Feet.”

St. Michael: “They must go for the time they are set, to be purified and sanctified.” (Purgatory)

Marie-Julie: “Where do you weigh such beautiful things, tell us?”

St. Michael: “In a day, where there is no night.”

Marie-Julie: “Who weighs during the time you are with us?” (I.e., while visiting her on earth.)

St. Michael: “I am there.”

Marie-Julie: “Saint Michael, you cannot be in two places!”

St. Michael: “The Eternal Power is great.”

Marie-Julie: “How many souls do you weigh in a day?”

St. Michael: “Sometimes 10,000, sometimes less.”

Marie-Julie: “O Saint Michael, you have the book all the same!” (The Book of Life, where all the names are written?)

St. Michael: “Sometimes, I suffer much when I see a criminal loaded with sins.” (I.e., a soul worthy of damnation.)

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I know that, yes, you have little taste for that.”

St. Michael: “No sooner is it weighed, that soul, when the demons are with a net and ready to take it.”

Marie-Julie: “Do you hear?” (I.e., a question asking if he hears either the frightening sentence of damnation, 'Depart from Me, Ye accursed,' or, the hideous noise when the demons come.)

St. Michael: “No, but the soul can hear them well, it very painful for it to go there, but it must be, because its place is assigned.” (This is a rare admission, St. Michael is not permitted to hear the sentence of damnation, nor, to seeand hear the demons drag a soul to hell?)

Bischofshofen St.Maximilian - Hochaltar 4.jpg
Marie-Julie: “Will there be rosary (beads) in Heaven?”

St. Michael: “Yes, and books too.”

Marie-Julie: “And books too! Those who use them, to read, they learn? So who makes this school in Heaven?”

St. Michael: “The Good Jesus, His Angels and Saints.”

Marie-Julie: “Are they letters written by pen or by print?”

St. Michael: “They are glorious letters that have nothing in common with those of the earth.”

(Image: Saint Maximilian church in Bischofshofen,  Salzburg. High altar (1680)-Throne of Mercy: Crowned angel with book bearing the Eye of Divine Providence.  Photo by Wolfgang Sauber. )

Marie-Julie: “Are they difficult to read?”

 St. Michael: “No, nor are the dear brothers who can fluently write them.”

Marie-Julie: “I do not know writing, do not have me read them, I would be confused.”
(I.e. she was uneducated and humbly admitting it.)

St. Michael: “No, we do not confuse.”

Marie-Julie: “But (how) do they rest when they will never sleep?” (I.e, how do the saints enjoy eternal repose without sleeping?)

St. Michael: “We never sleep, we live only for love, prayer and worship.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! How beautiful! But to go there, I must bring my good works, but I do not have any.”

St. Michael: “The Good Jesus will find some.”

Marie-Julie: “Ah! I forgot, I saw musicians in heaven, big and large. (i.e., groups/choirs of musicians) Who leads them?”

St. Michael: “These are the Seraphim, Cherubim and Archangels.”

Marie-Julie: “You lead them, Holy Archangel?”

St. Michael: “Yes.”

Marie-Julie: “Will you teach me in your music some beautiful canticle of love?”

St. Michael: “Soon when the Good Jesus will come to celebrate Holy Mass in your cell, you will sing with the music.” (Note: If I have translated this correctly, Christ Himself came to say Mass for her!)

Marie-Julie: “Ah! Lady, (Our Lady) I do not want to get involved, I do not know how to sing. Holy Archangel, they will sing the Creed in music, and the Gloria in music by all the little angels, and the Creed by the Saints and the Virgin.”

St. Michael: “And the Communion will be sung by the most harmonious and the most delightful music, the Eternal High Priest (Jesus) will sing it Himself with the Holy Virgin and also you.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I would rather pray than sing.”

St. Michael: “We will do both.”

Marie-Julie: “Thank you, good Archangel. What must be given to you for this (favour)?”

St. Michael: “Five little medals which belong to me.”

Marie-Julie: “I do not know if I have any, I think, and to whom should we ask for them?”

Image result for images st michael medalSt. Michael: “Who you like, your friends. These medals will be as five gold pieces that will be included in the Mass of thanksgiving and blessing, four in the corners of your cell and the other in the middle, which is opposite the door through which you will leave and never enter again. (I.e, the front door, which her body will pass through on her death?)”

Marie-Julie: “Ah! I see it well, Saint Michael.”

(Image: a medal of St. Michael)

St. Michael: “This is the piece of gold that will be changed into a sun and accompany you to the sanctuary.”

Marie-Julie: “If I do not have five, Saint Michael?”

St. Michael: “Ask, I will find them for you.”

Marie-Julie: “I have some, but not five, another is of Jesus, or otherwise Mary.”

St. Michael: “I will accept them as the same, I will bless some you have in your box in your drawer.”

Marie-Julie: “I will not recognise them!” (i.e. which medals he plans to bless).

St. Michael: “I will make them known to you, rest tranquilly.”

Marie-Julie: “I am very happy!”

St. Michel: “I also, now, the Holy Virgin will come for a moment in Her turn.”

Marie-Julie: “Oh! I am happy to see her.”

(Re: the five medals.  Although Marie-Julie and St. Michael didn't specifically mention this, it might be a good idea to follow the example set by the Archangel and have five medals of St. Michael blessed on his feast day, or perhaps three of St. Michael and one of Jesus and Mary to place in the four corners of our homes and over the front door in his honour and to ask his protection on our homes.)