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St. Padre Pio’s Revelations about the Great Catholic Monarch to Come

Providentially, it was brought to my attention that St. Padre Pio was rumoured to have made some private remarks concerning the importance of the restoration of the French Monarchy, which was not eradicated but is now 'hidden'.

I carried out an investigation and quickly discovered that the Marquis de Franquerie had met with one of Padre Pio's personal secretaries at one point, (he does not say who), but that this secretary / confidant declared he had intriguing conversations with Padre Pio about the importance of the French Monarchy and its relationship with the Catholic Church, which were subsequently recorded in certain letters.

The Marquis published quotations from these letters in a work entitled: “Ascendances Davidiques Des Rois de France”, (Translation: ‘Davidic Ascendants of the Kings of France’).

Who is this confidant of St. Padre Pio? I still haven’t discovered that information, but I doubt that the Marquis de Franquerie, a staunch Traditional Catholic, the guardian chosen by Our Lady herself to safeguard Marie-Julie Jahenny’s texts from the Germans during WWII and founder of the Friends of Marie-Julie Association, would fabricate a hoax on this scale. We may therefore assume these texts written by this ‘secretary / confidant’ are authentic.

Without further ado, here are more extensive passages quoting (or paraphrasing) St. Padre Pio as found in the Marquis’ publication, quotations which are completely in keeping with the revelations given to Marie-Julie Jahenny, an approved mystic and stigmatist:

“Without the support of the royal power of King David, which is authentic anointed kingship, the Church falls into decadence, corrupted by the power of the spirit of the serpent, which raises its proud head above the head of the Church (the Vicar of Christ). Royal power, derived from Christ the Supreme King, is a divine power which brings down serpents. Republics, on the other hand, where power is placed in the hands of people, raise up serpent spirits from the earth which harm the people of God and stop them rising up to the God of Heaven. This is the evil which reigns nowadays in Europe and elsewhere under the republics. ...

This royal power, which is hidden by God in this time of madness, is the same royal power given to King David, and is the only power which can successfully rule the governments of peoples. Without David's royal power, recognised and set in its proper place, the Christian religion lacks the indispensable support on which to rest the truth of the Word of God. Hence, there must not be separation of Church and State. The madness of men has been in trying to kill off royalty and the world is paying heavily for this today. ... 

In Europe, without the true king, the eldest son of the Church, the King promised by God from amongst David's descendants, ... the power of God no longer resides in the hearts of heads of states and governments. Satan has been able to exercise tremendous power in the absence of the royal power of David. How great shall be the world's misery before men are able to understand this truth, a truth found only in hearts of a few hidden men, but in those hearts are all the powers of the living God. ...

The love of the heart of Royal France, land of the kingship which descends from David, will rise in his heirs, for the love of Christ's Kingship has its cradle in France. ... The royal power of David ought to awaken in the hearts of the French people a love of the royalty of God, which has its cradle in France. The real greatness of France is David's royal power, which existed in the blood of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. France was forgiven by the great heart of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, who died as victims for Christ through the brutality of the beast (the diabolical revolution). This forgiveness of Louis XVI has maintained for France the right to the greatness of David's kingship, a right that is love and humility, of recognising in the Monarch the power of Divine Love. In silence and prayer, God will select His chosen ones for the good of France and the world ... human and divine power of the great monarch from the royal blood of France”.

(Source: le Marquis de la Franquerie, “Ascendances Davidiques Des Rois de France”, Editions Saint, Remi, 2002, pp.14-16, English translation found in “Ireland, Land and Home of My Heart, Beloved Country...Remember Our Covenant” by Peter J. Rafferty 2009, pp 13-14. )

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