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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Vocation of a Gadfly ~ Now Available in Paperback!

At long last, Book Two of the Gadfly Saga is now available in paperback!  

Hardcover soon to follow!

Some white collar jobs are more difficult than others ...

 After the night of the horrific accident, everyone's lives have been turned upside down. With his brother in a coma and his inexperienced little sister asked to take her place at Reinold International Shipping Enterprises, Monsignor Peter Reinold is granted rare permission from the archbishop to do the unorthodox and temporarily return to his former executive life in the world to help the family through this tragic time. For charity's sake he agrees to keep things running until she finds her feet, ever wary of the dangerous surroundings he is about to enter, for an old flame is only waiting for such an opportunity and will do everything to snare him back.

 Faced with smouldering temptations, Peter soon finds another battle lies in store when an unusual case is brought before him that requires his rare spiritual expertise. A gravely ill young woman is in dire need of assistance. Doctors are at a loss, nursing staff are terrified. Her legal guardians turn to him as their last hope, it is now up to him. Armed only with his faith, prayer and his exorcism weapons, Peter dares to defy an ancient enemy only to discover an inferno prepared to destroyed him. 

Will he and those around him survive the ordeal? Find out in Vocation of a Gadfly, Book Two of the Gadfly Saga!

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